Nigerian Man Gathered Dozens of Baby Corpses for “Get Rich” Spell

Diversity Macht Frei
May 23, 2019

A Nigerian man has been arrested with several dozen dried baby corpses. He was apparently planning to use them in some kind of black magic voodoo ritual he thought would help him get rich. His wife reported him to the police after her own baby had been missing for about a month. We don’t know whether he killed the babies himself or somehow acquired their corpses after they had died by other means.


Incredible though it seems, “sorcery” involving human body parts is quite widespread in Nigeria. “Witch doctors” promise to cast spells that will help people get rich, become bulletproof or make them invisible, etc. Here is an “authentic” witch doctor’s spell menu.

Sometimes the witch doctors demand human body parts to use in their spells. I wrote about a similar case last year in which a Nigerian stabbed his friend and cut out his beating heart for use in an “advanced fee fraud” spell.

It has also been suggested that the murder of Pamela Mastropietro, the Italian girl killed last year by African drug dealers, may have been wholly or partly motivated by a desire to use her body parts in “magic” rituals.

Congo News reported this story on its Facebook page.

This was one of the comments.

Dried African babies, like meat, and just like that I will say “I’m proud to be African” NO!!! The westerners are right when they call us barbarians. Really I’m devastated.

It’s worth noting that Jews through the centuries have been accused of kidnapping and murdering Christian children and babies for use in “religious” rituals. In most cases, we no longer have available to us the factual evidence required to make a serious assessment of these claims. Yet they are routinely dismissed as fantastical by almost all contemporary commentators and historians. Their attitude seems to be that there is no need to make a factual assessment of such accusations because they are a priori incredible. But how is this a tenable position when we can see that such things do happen in the world even today? Are they arguing that Jews are somehow intrinsically superior to Nigerians so that what is possible for Nigerians now would not have been possible for Jews 500 years ago? And, if so, is this not exactly the kind of racial prejudice they claim led to the accusations in the first place?