Nigeria: Witch Doctor Tests Own Anti-Bullet Charm – AND YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHAT HAPPENED

Daily Stormer
July 8, 2018

Wakandan technology might be more advanced than anything our primitive European brains could ever come up with – but nobody ever said it’s flawless.

Daily Mail:

A Nigerian healer has been shot dead after encouraging one of his customers to test the efficacy of his bullet-proof charms.

Chinaka Adoezuwe, 26, was killed wearing the pendants around his neck after he instructed the man to fire his weapon.

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I love how they call this creature a “healer,” as if it ever actually healed anything.

The incident happened in the country’s south-eastern Imo state and police say the shooter has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

They should’ve arrested the corpse as an accomplice too, since it told the other nigger to shoot it in the first place.

Some Nigerian doctors claim the charms harness various powers and can cure illnesses.

This must be the exception that confirms the rule.




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‘A young man had gone to [the healer] to prepare bullet-proof charms for him, which the native doctor did,’ a witness told the Punch newspaper.

‘To prove the efficacy of the new charms, [he] positioned and handed over a gun to his customer. Tragedy struck.

The only tragedy is that we’re feeding these creatures and permitting them to exist on this planet.

Recently there have been several reports of people being shot dead trying to prove the efficacy of ‘bullet-proof’ charms.

I think I just found my dream job – being a bulletproof-charm tester in Niggerland.

Really, how do these creatures even stay in business, considering how many just kill themselves while trying out their own “magic?”

You know, I used to think racial egalitarianism was just another form of social control, a way to determine your slaves’ dedication to the system.

But later, I realized it’s not just that.

It’s psychological torture, in the most literal sense of the word.

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A normal human being looking at creatures who were never capable of inventing or even properly adopting the minimal, basic notions of civilization – the wheel, writing, not raping babies and so on, and being forced to declare himself as being no better than them – that’s gotta hurt somewhere deep inside, even if it’s so deep that you can’t feel it.

There is no argument – outside of the womanly “it’s not good to be bad because being bad is mean, and we should be nice because being nice is not bad so it’s good” argument – where tolerating the existence of these creatures on our planet is acceptable or rational.

Our destiny is not some faggoty “nationalism for all” but the cold blade of reason, which commands us to dominate over this world without a shred of mercy for either the lesser primates or the kike vermin who hold their leashes.

No remorse, no surrender…