Nigeria: 40 Arrested for Performing Homosexual Acts

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
July 31, 2017

Lagos, Nigeria: an excellent place to conduct business in a faggot-free environment.

Africa is a place in the world where homosexuality and other types of faggotry are generally looked at with disdain. Many African countries, such as Nigeria, have strong anti-homosexual laws. Nigerians mostly believe that embracing man-on-man anal sex is not a sign of cultural progress. This is the correct political position as embracing faggotry is undeniably a regression for any society.

This past weekend, the Nigerian government arrested a large group of faggots who were engaging in homosexual acts. We fully support the government’s strong anti-faggot stance. These sick degenerates deserve long jail sentences.


More than 40 men have been arrested in Nigeria over the weekend for performing homosexual acts, police say.

They are due to appear in court later.

Nigerian newspaper Punch reports that the police raided a hotel in Lagos State on Saturday afternoon and says the hotel was cordoned off while the investigation was carried out.

Homosexual acts are punishable by up to 14 years in jail in Nigeria, while gay marriage and displays of same-sex affection are also banned.

The event that was raided was to raise awareness about HIV testing in the gay community in Lagos, activist for gay rights in Nigeria Bisi Alimi told the BBC.

The government’s firm stance on the homosexual problem has made the Nigerian capital of Lagos an attractive place to conduct business. When you operate a business, the last thing you want to deal with are faggots roaming around. This is a major problem in cities like San Francisco and Seattle.

There are also no Holocaust denial laws in Nigeria. You can speak your mind about Jews without fear of retribution. Nigerians embrace free political speech.

Furthermore, goods and services can be cheaply obtained throughout the nation.

It is true that Lagos has a slight traffic problem, but that one drawback does not outweigh the positives.

For these reasons, the Daily Stormer currently maintains its international headquarters in Lagos.