Nigel Welcomes Ugly, Stinking Curry-Ape into UKIP

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 30, 2014

 Nigel Farage and Harjit Gill: Is this supposed to be some sort of joke?
Nigel Farage and Harjit Gill: Is this supposed to be some sort of joke?

Just when you thought the welcoming of the faggot was bad enough, Nigel decides to go ahead and up the ante.

Gloucestershire Echo:

Former major of Gloucester, Harjit Gill, has joined Ukip and in the words of party leader Nigel Farage will “shatter perceptions” about the anti European Union party.

The postmaster from Tredworth, who is a sikh and moved to the UK from India in 1978, has previously been a Labour councillor on Gloucester City Council, mayor and sheriff.

He will not stand for election with the United Kingdom Independence Party, which has faced a barrage of negative press coverage over some of its members views on race.

He said both Labour and the Conservatives were not offering solutions to problems with immigration and the economy – and he joined UKIP to challenge preconceptions about its membership as well.

“It’s a big step,” he said. “I was in the Labour party for 20 years.

“But more and more I think my views are in line with what UKIP want.

“I think Britain should be out of the European Union. We are in the back seat there.

“I have spoken with Nigel Farage many times and we agree on a lot. They need a strong person to talk to them.

“I’m not worried – UKIP is changing a lot. If there are people with views that are racially prejudiced, I will challenge them.”

Mr Farage said Mr Gill’s switch was significant although not a first for UKIP.

“There has been some very misleading stereotypes about UKIP and the people who support UKIP – that they’re all retired, red-faced colonels,” said Mr Farage. “Much as they are wonderful people, there was a feeling that the UKIP support base is fundamentally from the right of the Tories.

“We have grown – we are a hugely eclectic mix and we pick up support, including from non-voters and Labour voters.

I am definitely not okay with this disgusting and horrible development. Who is this meant to sway? Faggots are one thing, okay – I am a severe faggot hater, but UKIP has a position against them getting special rights, and if they stay silent… at least that position is understandable.

But a straight-up Indian curry-monkey?

No one in the world likes these people except other curry-apes (being a Sihk even most of them won’t like him) and there is no way those parasitic perverts are going to vote for anyone other than a Marxist party.

So who does this decision benefit?  Who is being pandered to?  The Jew media and the Marxists themselves?

For what purpose, Nigel?