Nigel Farage Attacked for Calling Sea Invasion “An Invasion”

These people are just trying to flee the violent persecution of the war in France.

Real news.

True facts.

The Independent:

Nigel Farage has been accused of trying to inflame anti-migrant tensions after claiming a small group of people on a beach amounted to a “shocking invasion on the Kent Coast”.

The Brexit Party leader made the comments as he posted an unverified video on social media of half a dozen people, some children, getting out of a dingy on a beach.

But anti-racism campaigners and charities pointed out that the people in the video were entitled to claim asylum, and accused the former MEP of needlessly whipping up hostility.

“Farage’s comment is completely dehumanising and designed to inflame tension against people in the most desperate situations,” Minnie Rahman, public affairs and campaigns manager at the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants said.

“Nobody would risk their life to make a dangerous journey unless they have run out of options. Those making these crossings are often fleeing war, violence and persecution.

“They have a legal right to have their voice heard when they arrive and they deserve safe and legal routes of entry – these routes are almost non-existent for vulnerable people seeking sanctuary.”

Steve Valdez-Symonds, Amnesty International UK’s refugee and migrant rights director, added: “These are women, men and children exercising their right to seek asylum in dangerous circumstances that they more than anyone else would much rather avoid.

“Sadly, they remain easy targets for too many willing to exploit their distress and suffering for attention or political gain.

“Tragically, rhetoric such as this will only prolong what it has long sustained – suspicion and hatred towards desperate people in need while perpetuating the very conditions that lead to these very journeys.”

The Independent isn’t trying to inflame anti-Farage tensions.

They’re just doing a report.

Doop-de-boop, just reporting the news.

Farage posted another intense video today.

Talk about a deadly catch.


These people are coming from FRANCE.