Nietzsche Discussion Club Banned from London College for Being Fascist

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 6, 2014

Pure Fascist: Only a racist, sexist homophobe would wear a moustache like that.
Pure Fascist: Only a racist, sexist homophobe would wear a moustache like that.

A UCL club which focuses on the work of a traditional philosopher has been banned for two years under an “anti-fascist” union policy.

From the Tab London:

A motion submitted to the Union Council in March slammed the UCL Nietzsche Club for its promotion of “racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-Marxist and anti-worker” philosophy, and resolved that the group’s ultimate aim was to promote fascism and racism on campus.

The union has resolved to prevent the group from organising and meeting on campus in an extension of policy aimed at stamping out fascism and racism passed in the aftermath of the murder of Lee Rigby last year.

The Nietzsche Club, who originally positioned themselves as ‘Tradition UCL’ and were not affiliated to the union, had courted controversy with a provocative poster campaign bemoaning “political correctness”, and equality as a “false god”.

Despite concerns that there was insufficient tangible evidence to prove that the club and its members were fascist and racist organisation, the group’s open affinity for controversial political thought, and concerns that it might have been operating as part of “the wider fascist movement” convinced Council that the group ought to be banned.

It was ruled that there was no “meaningful distinction” between the ideology of the group’s favourite philosophers and that of fascism, leaving the already mysterious group facing an uncertain future.

These trolls get more bold by the hour, do they not?

If any philosopher promoting traditional thought is a “Fascist,” then all pre-enlightenment philosophers are Fascist. If that is the case, then Fascism is the entire basis of Western civilization.

An accurate poster produced by the club
An accurate poster produced by the club
The original complaint against the group
The original complaint against the group

We also see an open admission here that Fascism is an ideology designed to oppose Marxism and preserve tradition. The aim is clearly to associate all tradition with Fascism, and thus label al forms of traditionalism as evil and against the good and proper anti-racist Marxism of the modern Jewish nightmare; however, the flip side of this is that those who have not fully bought into the idea that it is best we completely destroy are entire history in order to help the immigrants and queers are likely to begin to associate their own belief system with that of Fascism.

And that is definitely good for the Whites.