Nicolas Cage Wants to End His 4 Day Marriage; Already Filed for Annulment

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 30, 2019

After Mr. Cage was caught on camera having second thoughts about getting married a fourth time, the man has seen reason and now decided to eject from that hole with the determination of a rocket.

No cage can cage Nicolas Cage. At least not for very long.

Daily Wire:

There will be no honeymoon in Vegas for actor Nicolas Cage, who apparently just filed for annulment merely four days after shotgun marrying his girlfriend, Erika Koike — which, rather ironically, happened in Las Vegas.

According to court records obtained by PEOPLE, Cage submitted an application for annulment on Wednesday, just four days after he and Koike filed and received their marriage license.

It’s obvious that Nicolas Cage read the Daily Stormer and realized he was under the hypnotic effects of vaginal fluids. It’s the only possible explanation. We also know that he’s a member of the Yang Gang, and the Daily Stormer is the #1 pro-$1000 dollars website in the world, so obviously by searching Andrew Yang-related content on the internet you’re likely to end up reading Andrew Anglin.

Mr. Cage will be alright, as long as he doesn’t marry again.

You should be alright too.

Always ask yourself what’s the purpose of the things you want to do. Some times you’ll realize you don’t really want to do those things, and that you’re being persuaded by a very interesting and very complex social-engineering apparatus that’s been operating for hundreds and maybe thousands of years, and some other times you’ll realize that you only wanted to do those things because you thought you needed to do them in order to get to the real thing that you wanted to do or to get.

You get what I’m saying?

The things a man may think marrying would get him today are not really achieved through marriage. If those things are possible, there’s better ways to achieve them.

No one has ever explained why men and women should marry today under today’s marriage rules.

No one has made a “benefits of marriage” list for both men and women.

Ask yourself why.

Ask people why.

Never stop asking questions. You should be asking questions to yourself every day and you should be asking questions to the world too.

Become the meme.