Nicolas Cage Having Second Thoughts While Applying for a Marriage License: “She’s Going to Take All My Money!”

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 28, 2019

Could be a publicity stunt, yes, but his body language and the things he said suggests he’s being kept under vagina mind control and forced into the whole thing.

Notice how he slowly walks quite a bit behind, probably experiencing a thousand simultaneous thoughts about how bad he’s about to fuck his life.

Daily Mail:

Nicolas Cage was filmed making a scene while applying for a marriage license with his much younger girlfriend, bizarrely telling onlookers she was going to take all of his money, seen in footage obtained by

The 55-year-old actor was seen with makeup artist Erika Koike at the Clark County Court House Marriage Licence Bureau in downtown Las Vegas around 11am on Saturday.

Cage, who has been married three times before, appeared to be ‘very out of it’ and was ‘most likely drunk’, an eyewitness told

Was he out of it or was that a short moment of clarity interrupting his front-hole induced hypnosis?


At one point he raises his voice and says Koike’s ‘boyfriend’ is a drug dealer and that ‘he isn’t doing it’ – seemingly referring to getting a marriage license.

The video shows Koike calmly telling Cage, ‘I never asked you to do this’, before he smiles and gently pushes her through the hallway, saying ‘come on, let’s go’.

‘They started by filling the application in one of the machines,’ the source told

‘The whole time he was yelling ”she is going to take all my money” and ”her ex is a druggy, her ex is a druggy”.

‘The woman only kept saying ”Baby I am not asking you to do this”.’

Because the couple were making such a scene, they were taken into a private room and later left the courthouse with papers, according to the source.

Marrying again is a bad idea, Mr. Cage. You know it, deep down. Resist the temptation.

Resist the pull of her vagina.

Focus on the bag.

Women are not worth your wealth and they’re not worth risking your life’s work. Marriage is not worth the stress of living in fear of her taking away at least half of what you’ve worked for.

Marrying a whore doesn’t magically force her to give you anything. There’s literally no upside in marriage for men anymore. It’s all about empowering women and giving them all the legal and social tools to destroy your life.

Front-holes are vampires that feed on men’s life energy. They feed on men’s emotions and suck both the life and the wealth out of them. In return, the only thing they offer is a wet hole for you to rest your penis in for a little bit.

Does that sound like a fair deal?

The only things that may make having any kind of relationship with women worth some of the trouble they cause are their wombs, and you don’t need to marry them in order to access those. There’s literally no reason to marry in the West anymore.

The time for marriage has passed. We’re now entering the Era of the Bag. You have to focus on securing the bag to get your $1000 dollars a month.

Women are a distraction and sometimes you need to distract yourself for a bit and relax. The only way to relax with women is by not having any kind of obligation towards them. You can meet women, have sex, go out with them sometime, and all of that, but never ever give them power over you.

If you give them power, they’ll use it against you.

They won’t even hesitate.