Nicki Minaj is Smarter Than AWFLs and Literally My Hero

This is a story from earlier in the week, but for whatever reason, when this story was published at Hoax Watch, it only included one of the many tweets that Nicki Minaj posted about the vax.

She posted an entire series of tweets.

But only one was included in the article.

Of the many tweets, only one was in the Hoax Watch article.

I think these tweets were important, so here I am, posting a second article, about a story we already posted, so I can include all of the tweets.

Hopefully, now that I’ve hired Steve Carpenter as an editor, these kinds of mistakes will not continue to happen.

Nicki skipped going to the Met Gala because they tried to force vax her.

She started out the tweet storm saying that Drake got sick after getting the vax.

Someone told her that the vaccine doesn’t actually stop you from getting covid, it just lessens the symptoms. She was not buying that, saying that a bunch of people on a video set got sick and her symptoms were no worse than the vaxed.

She then said she’s not going to be bullied into taking the vax and will only take it if she feels confident it’s safe.

After being warned that the media would go after her for questioning the vax, she said “they can choke.”

Can I get a “yas queen”?

This bitch is on furrrrrrr.

She actually then started retweeting people telling horror stories of the vax.

Then there was the one (1) singular tweet that was in our original article, wherein she said her cousin in Trinidad got a dick disease, and she said no one should be bullied into this.

She then told people she’s going to say whatever she wants.

The amazing part is that she’s basically cruising for a Twitter ban at this point.

I’m sure she’ll get some private warnings from some Jews in the industry before that happens. But she might just keep pushing it.

Sometimes black people really don’t like being told what to do.

She’s amplifying anti-vaxers, lol.

She retweeted this, which you’re definitely not allowed to do.

The entire message from the government and the media is that no, actually, you’re not allowed to have these discussions.

She even shit-talked some #gaynigger from Huffington Post and said he looks like a bitch.

Then – and THEN – she accused Joy Reid of being a race traitor working for whites to silence other blacks!

She called Reid “Uncle Tomiana”!


That is THE BEST.

She then called out the entire media.

She told John McCain’s bulbous fat daughter to eat shit!

Then she shit-talked Boris Johnson and made fun of his gay accent!

She recorded a clip in a British accent mocking him!

South Park meme.

Piers Morgan btfo.

She told that faggot Jimmy Kimmel she’ll sell him an interview with her cousin’s friend’s balls.

And this one was actually really smart – she said the way that the media is attacking her and demanding she take the vax just makes people trust them less, and that all these forced jokes just seem weird and creepy.

She then (and I have no idea how Hoax Watch missed this) posted a clip of Tucker Carlson supporting her.

She should go on Tucker. That would be so amazing.

That little faggot Hasan (I forget his last name) tweeted at her and said Tucker is a “white nationalist,” and she said she’ll listen to whoever she wants and talk to whoever she wants and isn’t going to be bullied. She is getting dangerously close to talking about how Jews and Jewish tools like Hasan use black people as a weapon, and treat them like pets.

She compared the way Joy Reid mocked and attacked her to the way Tucker listened to her and took her seriously.

This was very smart:

The bitch is definitely not dumb.

She’s also legitimately brave.

She has to know these people she’s pushing against have the power to totally wreck her, and she’s pushing anyway.

She’s really, really riding the line here.

I think she might just totally implode her career over this.

But I mean – Kanye got away with doing this type of shit. So maybe she can.

I’m not joking at all when I say I have massive respect for this woman.

Just simply standing up and pushing back when these people swarm you is something that so few people do that she basically looks like some kind of superhero.

This whole issue of the way that white liberals and Jews think that blacks are their pets and just have to do whatever they are told is really something that needs to be discussed.

Honestly, blacks don’t really care about this “racism” stuff. Blacks basically hate white people as a rule, and they just assume whites as a rule hate black people, so Hasan coming out with “BUT HE IS A RACIST!!!!” doesn’t faze her.

And she compared Tucker’s treatment of her to Joy Reid!

Of course she has more respect for a white supremacist than a black race traitor.

We could be getting to the bottom of something important here.

I sure do hope she holds the line.

She is a major celebrity, so if they end up having to ban and silence her over this, it’s going to be a very big deal. No one who is not as big as she is would have gotten away with what she got away with.

She might crack like Nick Canon and apologize and take the vax. That’s most likely, actually. But black people sometimes do get mad and just say “fuggg u nigga I ain’t this shit muthafuka you ain’t know me!”

It’s really exciting.

Either way, she just encouraged how many millions of blacks to resist the vax.

As I’ve said from the beginning: we need these people as a shield.

Godspeed to Nicki and her truly amazing fake tits.

She has a lot more personal dignity and integrity than most white people, I can tell you that.

And she’s smarter than any white woman I’ve ever seen.