Nickelodeon Hires Black Cuckold Fetishist to Make Interracial Children’s Sitcom

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 18, 2015

Bella and the Bulldogs: for the consumption of children
Bella and the Bulldogs: for the consumption of children

A cuckspiracy has been uncovered by the noble internet detectives of 4chan. Nickelodeon, a children’s television station, has hired a Negroid cuckolding fetishist to make a children’s sitcom.

The show, entitled “Bella and the Bulldogs,” is about an empowered feminist 13-year-old White girl joining a boys football team. Of the other three of the four main characters, one is a faggotized White boy, another is a goofy Jew and the last is a masculine Negroid.

The show was created by Jonathan Butler, who wrote and directed the film “Cuckold” about a Black man being brought in to have sex with a White man’s wife, and it appears that the Negroid in the show will end up becoming the romantic interest of the main White character.

    Jonathan C. Butler: Children's television producer and cuckolding specialist
Jonathan C. Butler: Children’s television producer and cuckolding specialist
IMDB proof
IMDB proof

IMDB gives us this description of “The Cuckold”:

THE CUCKOLD is a controversial dramatic feature that pushes a camera lens through the peephole of American taboo, focusing on the flashpoint where racial and sexual tensions collide. While set against the backdrop of a little-known fetish in the swinging lifestyle called ‘cuckolding’, THE CUCKOLD tells the broader story of two suburban couples and two urban men whose lives collide in a tale woven together by the threads of deceit, lust, and primal vengeance. It also explores the consequences and risks in looking beyond the skin in search of love.
– Written by Jonathan Corban Butler

Interesting. I can see how that easily translates into children’s entertainment.

By selling these themes to children, Black Butler is basically cuckolding all of White America.
By selling these themes to children, Black Butler is basically cuckolding all of White America.

Gabriel Garza is the show’s co-creator, and is presumably a Jew, based on his name.  I can imagine he is the mastermind behind this.  The Black came to him and said “yes, I’d like to make a version of my film ‘The Cuckold’ for kids,” and the Jew was like “why, I’d be delighted to help you with that!”

The term “bull” is used to describe a Black male who is brought into a relationship to have sex with the wife in front of the man.

So you don't have to Google it yourself.
So you don’t have to Google it yourself.

The show is called “Bella and the Bulldogs.”  Hard to believe that is a coincidence.  In all of the promotional pictures, Bella’s hair covers the word “dog,” so you only see “bull.”

Rituals, you say?
Note the way the Black buck is positioned between the two Whites with his arms around both of them.

Also unlikely to be a coincidence is the fact that the empowered White female wears the number one, while the crazy-eyed beta White male wears the number 99 (last place).

In promotional clips one can find on YouTube, the White male is depicted as an unbelievable faggot.

This is not the first time Nickelodeon has been involved in something bizarre.  They have, for a long time, been underfire for allowing an apparently pedophile Jew, Dan Schneider, to produce shows and spend hug-time with the pre-teen actresses.

052f 050f 15wo21l 2s65315 Dan-Schneider Dan Schneider

So, all of this weirdness should come as a surprise to absolutely no one.

This is par for the course for Jews.  Abusing the bodies and minds of the goyim kiddies is business as usual, and a key part of the Jew prime directive.

To give credit where credit is due, /TV/ initiated this investigation. But /pol/ assisted.

Troll These Rat Actors

These rat actors need to explain why they are a part of this sickening production.

The solution is for the Stormer Troll Army to return for one last big job (just kidding way more jobs ahead lol).

I have all of their Twitters, brothers.

Duty is calling.


Coy Stewart (@CoyStewart), the bull himself.


Jackie Radinsky (@jackieradinsky), the Jew character.

Buddy Handleson

Buddy Handleson (@BUDSTER925), the beta male faggot mocking White masculine identity.

bella and the bull

And Brec Bassinger (@Brecbassinger), the mistress of cuckolding herself.

The show’s Negroid creator does not have a public Twitter, but he does have a Facebook.

This Could be Our Greatest Achievement Yet

This could be the greatest accomplishment the troll army has ever known.  This is a very big deal, that Nickelodeon is openly promoting cuckold fetishism to children.  And the media won’t be able to ignore it when a hellstorm of troll fury comes down upon these child actors who have involved themselves in this wicked Hebrew sorcery.

Hit them hard.  Do not make any type of threats, but feel free to ask them point blank why they are promoting bizarre and unnatural forms of sexual fetishism to children.  Be sure to take screenshots of your Tweets and any response you get from these brats.

Of course, use multiple accounts, which you can register using 10 minute email.

It will probably take Twitter some time to start IP blocking for this operation, since it isn’t against a high-profile Jewish politician or connected Moslem lawyer.  But if they do start IP banning, use tor.

Go forth, ye Stormer Trolls, and crush thine enemy: the Jew.

Hail Victory.