Nick Fuentes Swarmed by Cops After Trying to Take a Picture with Charlie Kirk! Gets Banned from Event!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 28, 2019

Nick Fuentes attended Politicon over the weekend, and on Saturday briefly seized control of Charlie Kirk’s Talking Points USA booth.

The event, known as “I’m in ur booth, holding ur signs,” was a humiliating and disgusting scene of brutal violation.

But the bitchmade nature of Charlie Kirk – “The Anti-Gamer” – had yet to fully manifest.

Following that booth invasion, Fuentes attempted to grab a picture with Charlie – and was swarmed by the cops!

Charlie Kirk is a real ideas believer. He believes in the idea that some people should never be able to talk to him!

This creepy-ass mutant literally told the police and the private security not only to not let Nick Fuentes talk to him, but to keep him out of the stupid debate that Charlie Kirk was having with some stupid leftist!

The private security for the event AND the cops told him it was like Disney World when the bathroom is closed.

What does it mean???

They admitted to him that he was being singled out and kept out of the event.



Wait for it…

Because he tweeted about the event yesterday, a tweet which indicated that he posed a risk of disrupting the event.


Seems like a civil rights violation to me. Oh but that’s right – gamers are not a protected class.

And we won’t be until we finally establish our republic.

The shifty liar and scam artist Charlie Kirk literally had the nerve to go up on stage and talk about how great debate is and how his speech is being censored (it isn’t).

Immediately after barring Nick Fuentes from entering the event, for fear that he may be asked a question.

Even after Nick himself was blocked, the Q&A at this fake debate between Jew shills was canceled. Because Nick Fuentes has an army of gamers and Charlie didn’t want to get humiliated at such a big event.

It will be fun to see if he cancels all questions at future events.

These two fake people having a fake debate in front of the goyim is just the epitome of the system, is it not?

This of course comes after Charlie last week outright refused to debate Nick Fuentes.

If his positions are defensible, then why not defend them?

Why send corrupt cops to harass your detractors, as if you are some kind of gang leader?

What’s next, Charlie?

Will you have Nick’s house burned down?

Will you have him assassinated?

Of course, everyone is seeing this.

On the heels of being harassed at every event he holds, Charlie Kirk making the decision to send cops after the man who leads the opposition against him created a massive spectacle.

How much further can Charlie Kirk run from the American Nationalist agenda?

Is there any exit here?

He cannot possibly hold any public event at this point without being questioned on his allegiance to Israel and his agenda to replace the entire native population of America with shitholers.

Despite Kirk looking very rough, he is only 26 years old. Is he planning on spending the rest of his life pretending he thinks the attack on the USS Liberty was an accident, over and over and over again?

It seems to me that the jig is already up, Charlie.

You’ve got the Jew money but we’ve got the numbers.