Nick Fuentes Stages Surprise Saturday Event Outside Texas CPAC!

On Saturday, Nick Fuentes gave a surprise announcement that he would be doing an event in Texas outside of Texas CPAC, which is taking place in Dallas this weekend. This comes just after Fuentes was banned from Twitter.

I have a policy of not promoting real life events, so I probably wouldn’t have shilled it anyway, but honestly, I was not even online between the time I heard about it and the time it started. He set this up quickly like the Road Runner.

And he is something of a Road Runner now – because he’s on the no-fly list! Totally banned from airplanes!

Incredibly, he is able to show up in any city and draw a crowd of a hundred or more in a few minutes’ notice.

Here’s Nick’s speech on YouTube (this just finished at time of writing, so I can’t find it on BitChute yet).

[UPDATE: A high definition version of the speech from a professional angle is now up on Nick’s site. It can’t be embedded, so click here to watch it.]

Here’s a full stream of the event on some YouTube channel. Not the best angle or sound, but it includes some other stuff other than the speech – for the diehard fan.

Here’s Alex Jones meeting up with Nick in Texas yesterday for yet another epic bro scene.

As Nick was banned from Twitter as of earlier this week, the best place to find him currently is his Telegram channel.

As well as his personal streaming website, where his show airs every weeknight at 9PM.

(Unfortunately, Nick still does not have a working podcast, which I think is insane, but I’ve made my opinions on that clear previously.)

You can now view Telegram channels in a web browser without logging into the app, which makes it function much like Twitter. I encourage everyone to follow Nick to keep up with his adventures and his news and information.

Do note that if you actually sign up and use Telegram, you have to be careful not to expose your personal data. It is also pretty well tracked by the intelligence services, so be aware of that as a general rule. The most anonymous way to use it is to get a separate phone number that is not attached to your name (buy a burner SIM with cash), and register with that number, then use it in a browser with a VPN. Of course, now that it is just openly available, it’s much easier if you just want to follow the content.

It’s nice that Telegram now has basically Twitter functionality at the same time Twitter is banning everyone. As the CEO of Telegram has stated, the threat to Telegram is that Apple and Google will ban it from their app stores because they don’t police people who talk about Jews or this moronic virus hoax. So maybe making the feeds publicly available in the browser is a way to get around that.

Of course, Telegram will eventually start censoring the same way other companies do, because otherwise they will get shut down. Furthermore, the other companies are lobbying to shut down Telegram, because it is a competitor (our free market totalitarian-libertarian system is really good at destroying competition, something which Ben Shapiro has yet to explain).

Hopefully, God is on our side and there will continue to be something else to hop to every time the bannings come in. In the longer run, we are looking forward to blockchain-type technologies making content uncensorable.

Of course, by the time that happens, they will just be outright arresting people for speech, as has already happened to Ricky Vaughn.

But we shall abide.