Nick Fuentes Put on the No-Fly List by the Feds – Conservative Twitter Forms Convoy!

America First host Nick Fuentes has been put on the No-Fly List by the feds for attending the January 6 rally against the election hoax.

For those who do not recall this information: the No-Fly List was created after 911, ostensibly to ban potential Islamic terrorists from getting on planes. It has been suspected for a long time that this would be used for political purposes, given that the feds have a total ability to put whoever they want on this list.

Nick revealed this information on Wednesday, after having been prevented from boarding a plane to an event in Florida, where he was scheduled to speak about political repression by big tech.

At O’Hare, where he had a flight booked for Florida, he was not allowed to check in. They refused to issue him a boarding pass, then they called the TSA over to tell him he couldn’t fly. He then booked a second flight at Midway, and the same thing happened.

It’s almost as if there is some overlap between the agenda of big tech and the agenda of the Democrat Party.

He posted video proof that he was most definitely banned by the TSA.

He gave some razor-like commentary about it on his show Wednesday night.

There was an outpouring of support for him on Twitter.

No, I’m just going to say it – a convoy was formed.

Let’s just go through all these tweets.

Lauren Chen is our Chris Kristofferson.

(Trivia Fact: Lauren Chen and I are actually married and were living happily in the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, where I worked as a professional blackjack player. Regrettably, the Mossad kidnapped us and erased the memories of our marriage using high level neo-hypnotism. They also stole $27 million worth of gold bullion and used it to buy bulldozers and fake the death of Jeffrey Epstein. As it stands, we only have brief flashbacks of one another. It is like every PKD novel and also like the song “Pictures of You” by The Cure.)

(Looks like Paul’s backing down from his virulent pro-anal Taiwan policies, admitting that ZOG has no moral right to declare dominance over Asia. He has for years supported the US going to war with China to keep Taiwan brutally anal, but he’s finally realizing that there are more important questions facing the West than the right of a slant to get gaped. Good for him, getting on the right side of the disgusting gay anus of history.)

This could be the top support tweet, from Ralph. He’s right – no one is safe.

Casandra pointed out that the silence of those not supporting Nick is deafening.

Mike Cernovich (who literally took so many red pills he got a bloodclot on par with those who took the deadly coronavirus vaccine, but was able to un-clot it using transcendental meditation) tagged the ACLU. They haven’t responded.

As the train of support rolled on, some less-than-savory characters joined the convoy of freedom.

We’ve literally got Dinesh on board, folks. (He might believe that Nick is a secret Democrat, but even secret Democrats should be able to get on planes.)

When I saw the Dinesh tweet, I literally stopped reading the tweets and turned on this song:

It’s clean clear to Taco Town, folks.

And the convoy kept rolling.

(Yes, trucker convoy is now the only way Nick Fuentes can engage in interstate travel, and that is part of the joke – but it is not the whole joke.)

Emma Robertson! I mean: Emerald Robinson! (By the way, she freebases red pills.)

And next up…. Andrew Klaven!

Ben Shapiro himself is almost going to have to say it.

The groundswell of support peaked with Tucker Carlson himself mentioning him on his Wednesday night show. Regrettably, Tucker didn’t say his name.

Nick has pointed out that with all this support, he is now officially a civil rights icon.

I wanted to be a civil rights icon myself, but I only became a health and fitness icon and a fashion guru. I’m not seething, though. And yes, if I was seething, I would tell it straight.

(I comfort myself with the fact that when Tucker defended me in 2017, he did say my name.)

This is the Best Thing That has Happened Since the Election

Nick Fuentes being at the flashpoint of a civil rights crisis, and then forming a convoy across Twitter, is the best thing that has happened at least since the election, and really since the Dawn of Virus Law.

I have never felt so hopped up on hope as in seeing the real niggas come out, followed by some milquetoast folks, and then followed by the mainstream of the conservative movement. Frankly, getting the Daily Caller folks to get on this big old convoy was a much bigger deal in terms of the turning of the tides than a Tucker segment – I would have been shocked if Tucker didn’t do a segment (and was a bit surprised he didn’t say his name).

This is not something that is just going to drop out of sight. This is a major thing.

Putting Nick on the No-Fly List for doing nothing other than expressing an opinion is something that scares even the meekest of right-wing commentators – and probably several on the left as well (beyond Greenwald, who can’t hardly even be considered left at this point).

In 2017, when I got totally banned from the entire internet, maybe people didn’t understand the slippery slope, and also misunderstood some jokes I made about the historical accuracy of homicidal masturbation machines. (To be clear, I believe in homicidal masturbation machines as sure as I believe in the nose on my face, and I was just trying to get a rise out of people.)

But now, everyone has seen the way that from patient zero, the censorship plague spread out to cover most of the internet. After the banning and silencing of Donald Trump, tech censorship is considered the #1 issue by a majority of conservatives.

Now of course, they’ve upped the ante, using shady and illegal laws ostensibly designed to keep planes from blowing up as a means to silence political activists.

It is divine providence to have Nick be the first person put on this list, and thus made the rallying point.

This is how you know God is on our side: otherwise, the chances of this happening would have been impossible.

God sent confusion on these overlords, and they could not foresee that big old convoy.

Watch Nick on Alex Jones.

If that YouTube re-up is gone by the time you’re reading this, you’re going to have to try to play this BANNED.VIDEO version.

(BANNED.VIDEO is working better now than ever before, but it remains a chore.)

As Far as the Flight Ban Itself…

That doesn’t surprise me at all.

I haven’t tried to board a plane in the US in ten years. The last time I boarded a plane in North America, I rented a car and drove to the Taco Freedom World Theme Park AKA El Grande México.

There was a certain effete Judas who whined about Nick getting his bank account shut down after the event, and said he’d never heard of that happening. It was a BIG DEAL, he claimed. Well, my Chase account was closed in 2015, before Trump declared his run. I am now not allowed to open new bank accounts. And I never went to any protests – all I did was make jokes on the internet. I could go more into the other stuff I’ve experienced. I don’t like being a part of my own story. This is about KING NICK THE PUNISHED.

Putting the 1/6 peaceful protesters on the No-Fly List was something everyone predicted. These Biden Administration policies are being formulated by millennial morons who are fueled by hatred for the color of white skin and virulent lack of comprehension.

Finally, it looks like a significant portion of the population is ready to take a stand against what is happening.

Just like the censorship agenda was eventually used on everyone, and No-Fly Lists will soon be used on everyone, the election fraud we saw used against Donald Trump will soon be used on everyone.

We need to start talking about what exactly our options are moving forward.

Nick Fuentes is not simply the Man of the Hour, he is the Man of the Age.

The heat keeps getting hotter, and this lad funnels it straight into the steam engines of his tricked-out freedom machine.

Godspeed, My Liege.

Morituri te salutant.