Groyper General Nick Fuentes on the “Fruitcake Freakout”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 4, 2019

Here is Nick Fuentes’ statement on the now infamous “Fruitcake Freakout” of Richard Spencer, from his Telegram channel:

Regarding the Richard Spencer recording, I’ve actually heard that audio before a few times. It’s also not the first clip like that I’ve heard from him, I was on the receiving end of a similar drunken rant. The content of the recording speaks for itself and stuff like that is what differentiates Richard Spencer and the Alt Right from me and America First.

All of that said, I don’t love the idea of secret recordings being leaked and performative disavowals. Of course I don’t like Richard personally or politically, and like I said the audio speaks for itself what kind of person he is, a delusional, angry narcissist and an unironic hater. We’ve never considered each other within the same “movement” and we don’t now.

It just seems like a big diversion from the Groyper War which is productive and attacking the real problem. Like yea Richard Spencer is a retarded idiot uhhh what else is new? The guy is irrelevant anyway. And now we have frankly a lot of fakers trying to hijack what we’re doing and cash in on this and their angle of picking at old wounds with Spencer is symptomatic of this.

This is my initial reaction, I’ve been thinking about what to say and maybe I’ll change my mind

Like the way i see it is that these past couple weeks a lot of people have united to fight the grifters and fake conservatives that got us in this mess. And now everyone is talking about a recording from 2.5 years ago of a guy who even conceded that he’s not even that influential in the dissident right. And people are like “SEE! THIS SHOWS WERE NOT RACIST CUZ WERE DISAVOWING” its like bruh have you learned nothing

Idk i just saw it today and my intuition says bad vibe

Not trying to step on anybody’s toes here, I’ve been out all day so I haven’t seen a lot of what people are saying, this is just my initial reaction. Maybe it’s a good thing bc it will demonstrate to people who aren’t in the know that there is a lot of distance between us and Spencer, even though everyone in our scene knows that already

We have to be very careful now. We have started a fire and now that people are noticing us there will be many who try to hijack and take advantage of what we’ve started. It’s okay if people join our team, that’s fine. That said I don’t believe that people who wouldn’t be caught dead associating with me and patrick casey last week are now suddenly jumping in the bandwagon because they’ve had a moral epiphany. We can never forget the IDEAS that started this. We must PROTECT the revolution

Look what happened to Trump— he went from “drugs, crime, and rapists” to “we need legal immigrants!” We don’t want to blow up conservative inc just to be coopted by it

We have to keep our message focused but we can not moderate for the sake of mass appeal. America is NOT a propositional nation. We have NO ALLEGIANCE to Israel. We are CHRISTIANS and we don’t promote degeneracy. Demographic replacement is REAL and it will be CATASTROPHIC.

You’ll see people sauntering in here talking about fucking hamburgers and socialism, we cant allow it

And here he is on Twitter, sending the same message:

As funny as it is to me to see Richard Spencer being so massively publicly humiliated, I do agree with Nick that this is just a distraction, and really does just pull Spencer back into a conversation that he hasn’t been in in a very long time.

For those who do not know, Spencer can’t even get 10,000 views a week on YouTube.

Nick Fuentes is getting 60,000+ views per video, and releasing 5 videos per week.

Now, Spencer is the number one trend on Twitter and getting talked about through the entire media.

And Nick is correct: bringing Spencer to the forefront right in the middle of Groyper War is not tactically beneficial, in any context. 

However, there is one thing Nick doesn’t mention: as Groypers were rising, the media was likely going to try to roll Richard Spencer back out on the scene to thwart us.

MILO said in his article when he dropped this tape that people think Richard Spencer is a CIA asset. I have no idea if that’s true, there is no evidence to that effect that I’m aware of, but obviously it wouldn’t surprise me, given that everything Spencer has ever done, ever, has hurt the cause of White Americans. (Except the Sargon debate, that was funny.)

But CIA asset or not, it was very obvious that neither Twitter nor YouTube was banning Spencer, as all sorts of other people are being banned every day, and the reason was clearly that the media was keeping him on ice to roll him out to use as a weapon against real American Nationalists in the future.

And basically, this tape and the drama around it means that they can’t really do that.

You’ll remember that back in July, CNN rolled out Spencer for an interview. After the Fruitcake Freakout, there is just no way that weird stunt can be repeated.

So regardless of the fact that no, the timing is not ideal, I am happy that Richard Spencer is now removed from the Jewish arsenal of weapons to use against the real nationalist movement.

And as far as PROTECTING THE REVOLUTION, as Nick mentions: yes.

We need to be very careful with all of these people who are jumping on – from both sides. There are a lot of wignat associates of Richard Spencer who used to attack Nick trying to cop a groyp, and there are many more mainstream or Alt-Lite shills going for the groyp.

All of these people should be suspect.

We cannot let ANYONE influence our agenda, which must remain what it always was:





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