Nick Fuentes’ Most Important Speech


I have watched a dozen speeches of Nick Fuentes in the last month, as he’s traveled with the Stop the Steal movement to protest election fraud, and they’ve all been amazing. But one of the ones he gave in Arizona this week was special.

You should remember that during the coronavirus lockdown, I was shilling for Nick to become a public speaker against the lockdowns. I said that the boomers would rally around him, and he would lead a new movement. The lockdown protests sort of petered out in the spring when restrictions were lifted, but he is now doing what I predicted he must do, and he is doing it better than I ever could have imagined he would.

The way he is able to speak in language that appeals to the boomers, while also keeping to the truth, and appealing to the youth that we need as the core of our movement is something much more unique than most people are capable of understanding – and this is on top of his one in a billion natural capacity for public speaking.

This man is given to us as a gift from God and it is this simple.

Deep on Monday night, appearing out by the road in front of the Hyatt hotel, Nick gave what was surely his most important speech so far. I would call this his “Meaning of Life” speech.

You should watch it.

All of you should watch it, either before or after you read this. Things will crystallize for you when you do.

Nick said that he believes in God, just as surely as he believes he’s standing on that street, and that the only thing he can ever try to do is what God wants him to do.

Regarding the supposed impossibility of ensuring that Donald Trump remains President, he quoted The Man Himself.

“With God, all things are possible.”

He also noted the painfully obvious, which has tended to remain unsaid: if all 74,000,000 Trump supporters were out in the streets like our movement is, we could be 100% certain the fraud would be overturned.

We are stuck in a paradox: The reason we may not win the election is because the masses of people do not believe we can win the election. Everyone is saying: “I would go out if other people were out,” and few are actually taking the stand. Many of you reading this could have went and chose not to. I’m sure you had excuses, and I can’t judge your excuses. That is something you are going to have to take up with God after you die.

Nick hit the nail directly on the head: In any situation, it is not your job to decide whether or not something is possible or not. It is God’s decision what happens, and the only thing we can do is what is right.

We are currently staring down an incomprehensible evil. The lizards surrounding Joe Biden want to destroy all of us. They want to destroy our children, they want to erase our ancestors from history. The stakes could not be any higher than they are right now.

This isn’t a situation where there are disagreements about strategy, and one person is saying we need to do something other than rally in support of Trump. Rallying in support of Trump is the singular option. Those choosing not to go are simply giving up, saying it’s hopeless and we might as well just lay down and die.

No, not die. What is coming is much worse than death.

Every one of you needs to think this through, and if you are able, to internalize it. We have had war declared on us. We have to fight.

Let me just tell you this: those who do fight will be rewarded in ways that we can’t foresee right now, and the reverse is true for those who don’t.

Trust the Plan

I have said that Nick has been sent to us – to me, to you, America, and to the white race – directly by God.

But I want to point out Nick’s own gift from God: that is his true and unwavering faith, which any Christian can see glowing all around him, like a Super Saiyan powering up. This faith is more important than any skill he has. True faith in God is an absolute prerequisite for any revolutionary. That is more true now than ever before, and it was always true.

Looking back, I realize that the reason the Alt-Right didn’t work, why it turned into an absolute nightmare, is that it was not a Christian movement. As far as I can remember, I was the single Christian of any of the main figures, and some of them turned out to be satanists. Obviously, if we had been chanting “Christ is King” in Charlottesville, things would have went a lot differently.

Now, everyone that was involved in the Alt-right has either become some kind of federal asset or gone completely insane. These people promote the coronavirus lockdown hoax, and they literally endorsed Joe Biden. I spent years putting together an internet movement, only to watch all of that energy be pissed away by a bunch of bizarre freaks.

I should have known then and I didn’t, but I do now: the only way that any man can stare into the face of the devil without flinching is with Jesus Christ and His Angels at his back. When the maximum amount of pressure comes down on non-Christians, they break. Nick feels the reality of God like I feel it, and he’s not going to break. You can bet the whole farm on that.

I personally struggled to develop the faith that I have now. I always believed in God, but becoming a true Christian was a journey. The number one thing that put me where I am today as regards to my relationship with God is the pressure I was put under doing this job, and the sacrifices I was required to make, toiling as I did, often feeling as though no one appreciated it, having to put faith in God that it was worth while.

If I didn’t have faith in God, I would have cracked. It became a matter of simple necessity.

What I saw on the streets of Atlanta and Phoenix is the beginning of what I’ve worked for. The seed I’ve diligently watered is beginning to sprout. For the better part of a decade, I’ve worked every single day. I’ve worked 90 and 100 hour weeks much of the time, giving up all professional opportunities I might have had, losing my home and much else you won’t know about until after I’m dead and my memoirs are published, devoting myself to the goal of ensuring a future for the white race, and to ridding the white Christian people of the West of this Jewish curse.

When I see these kids out there, and these boomers nodding along, I will tell you, I could have tears in my eyes.

It’s all been worth it.

Some of you can already see the plan coming together, as I can. Some of you cannot. Either way, you need to trust the plan. If we fight, God will show us mercy. Nick said it in the speech: God will never give you more than you can handle. We can handle this. We can save ourselves, we can save our children, we can create a future for our people. All that any of us needs to do is the right thing.

As I wrote when commenting on another speech Nick gave: life is a series of choices, and the only thing we can ever do is make the right choice when the opportunity presents itself to us.

The choice now is to fight or to surrender.

God has a plan.

Trust it.