Nick Fuentes Joins Anti-Vax Protests in New York! Purebloods Rising!

Over the weekend, Nick Fuentes joined anti-vax protests in New York City, calling for the people to stand up against the tyrannical vax system being forced on America.

There was a big protest in front of the Pfizer building in the afternoon on Saturday.

They then met in front of Gracie Mansion later in the afternoon for a second demonstration.

Here is a longer clip of the nighttime event.

Here is an artistic montage.

Long streams of both events are available at There are multiple recordings. Here is Baked Alaska’s. Most importantly, here is the official stream of Nick’s nighttime speech (click that link, I can’t embed it).

UPDATE: Here’s a YouTube version, but this will get deleted.

The protesters were harassed by Antifa, a pro-government paramilitary group that supports coerced vaccinations. Antifa are federal vax police – aggressive, violent enforcers of the policies of the vax regime. They cannot be prosecuted, and you can be prosecuted if you defend yourselves against them.

Antifa has previously shot and stabbed people opposed to the government’s vax policies, but this event remained peaceful, due to city police agreeing to form a barricade against the Antifa vax police.

Despite video showing cops doing their job, apparently their first instinct was to allow their fellow law enforcers to act unhindered.

A person who attended the event wrote:

There were basically two protests … one at noon with some normie anti-vaxers and one at 4pm that was just AF. Antifa showed up to the second one.

There was a pretty tense moment when Antifa made their move and approached the AF crowd and we were afraid shit was about to go down and we would be totally fucked by the legal system.

People started chanting “do your jobs” to the cops but they wouldn’t do anything. Nick gets on the mic and says something like “we came here and said we support the police but it’s hard to when the police don’t support us.”

The police finally came and stiff between AF and Antifa.

Fuentes wrapped up his speech and the AF people all walked to the train station. Antifa did not shut down the protest however, every other Groyper event would be Nick giving a 25 minute speech and then everyone hangs out for an hour and a half. Fuentes made the wise decision to quit while they were ahead skip the meet and greet part of the show (he did one earlier in the day).

Although they have vaguely claimed to have some kind of revolutionary communist political agenda, the fact that Antifa refers to anyone opposed to the vax as a “Nazi” makes it very clear that this organization is nothing but a paramilitary arm of the federal police services. It’s unfortunate that right-wingers covering Antifa, including the chief of Antifa coverage, Andy Ngo, insist on pretending that Antifa is some kind of independent group. When they moved from anti-Trump violence to pro-vax violence, it became undeniable that they are simply Democrat Party shills. “Submit to the current government or we will physically hurt you” is typically the realm of police, and it is certainly not “revolutionary.”

Bizarrely, Fox News also took the Antifa line on the anti-vax protesters, referring to America First as “white nationalists.” On his Telegram, Nick pointed out that this is a leftist talking point.

Apparently, others pointed that out as well, because the headline was changed.

Many are mocking “Adam Sabes,” the Fox News journalist who wrote the defamatory headline.

Sabes is a disgusting fat slob, but his whale of a wife is much fatter than even he.

Some people have pointed out that if you see a profile of Sabes’ whale wife, you develop an even greater understanding of just how fat she is.

Normal people cannot grasp how any human being would feel comfortable being this fat. “How could you not devote every single minute of your life to losing the weight if you found yourself that fat?”, many asked. Of course, Sabes and his wife are not normal people, but abominable beasts. This explains their deviant desire to slander those who are fighting for justice in America.

Sabes’ beast wife has been found to be posting aggressive vax propaganda on social media.

You might wonder why Fox News would hire such people. The overwhelming majority of their audience is pro-America and anti-vax.

Along with Fox News, some of the actual NYC anti-vaxers took the Antifa line on America First, disavowing them before the event took place as “extremist ideologies.”

Nick responded politely.

The rally Fuentes attended was organized by

There are more events in New York coming up, which Fuentes may attend.

He’s been in New York for a while, having appeared last week at an event in Staten Island.

It’s only logical he would stay for a while, because he had to ride a train from Chicago. Earlier this year, he was put on the “no-fly list” as a terrorist because he attended the January 6 protest against the election hoax.

When people ask me who in politics I support, my only answer is “Nick Fuentes.” If you watch some of the above videos, you will understand why.

Right now, the vax is the only issue that matters, so I’m very glad Nick is participating in these rallies. Anyone who says any other issue matters is simply distracting you – if we don’t escape this vaccine, the game is over. There is no future for the vaxed. We don’t know how long they will live, but they’re not going to be able to produce children, so they will have no stake in the future. They will be perfect pawns of the government.

We are not going to be able to win outright until something changes. People who get the vax are pledging their souls to the system, and so the numbers are now unfeasible. The strategic purpose of resisting the vax now is strengthening the will of the pureblooded.

These people running the Western world believe that they can use brute force to make everyone comply with their satanic globalist agenda. That has never worked, ever in history.

In the long term, we win outright because it is impossible to maintain this evil system indefinitely. We already see it cracking. The only thing any of us need to do is the right thing, and victory will be delivered unto us.

This article was updated to reflect the fact that Nick took a train from Chicago instead of driving.