Nick Fuentes is the Leader of the Groyper Uprising and Supreme Commander of the Groyper Army

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 12, 2019

As we are coming off of an ultimate victory in Los Angeles and preparing for yet more victories, I want to make sure that everyone in this Groyper War is clear on something: The Groyper Uprising has a leader, and that leader is Nick Fuentes. He is the commander of the Groypers and he has led us to victory after victory, from OSU all the way to UCLA.

Understand: this is not about getting credit or feeding an ego or anything of that sort. Obviously it isn’t about that for me, as I am not Nick Fuentes. The fact is that having a leader of a political movement is simply a practical matter.

A Leader Makes the Decisions

When there is no acknowledged leader, there is endless bickering and power struggles. That has not existed, at all, in the Groyper movement, because everyone involved recognizes that this is the Nick Fuentes Show. And no one would exchange a walk on part in the Nick Fuentes Show for a lead role in a wignat freak show.

When you have a “leaderless movement,” no one knows what is going on, where anyone is with anyone else, there are all these different confusing things going on, no one can possibly be expected to follow all of it. So within the “leaderless movement,” people end up picking their own leaders from out of the various people speaking, and then you have the beginning of factionalism.

With a leader, everyone knows what is happening, everyone has the same playbook and everyone is on the same page. You can throw ideas out there, but ultimately it is for the leader to decide. People are able to contact Nick easily through his superchat system on his show, and throw ideas at him or ask his opinion on things.

And whenever I write on the topic of the Groyper War, I am either simply following things that I already know Nick agrees with, or I am saying “these are my thoughts, but the decision will ultimately be up to Nick.”

I don’t think any of us feel locked out of the power process, but just so, none of us have to wonder about who is in charge and who has final say on how we do things.

A Leader is Responsible

I was involved in the so-called “Alt-Right,” and it failed miserably because there was no leader. The culmination of that failure was Charlottesville, when there was no one there to lead, and afterward, there was no one to take responsibility for everything that went wrong.

As far as I’m aware, I’m the only person who promoted Charlottesville who ever apologized to those whose lives were damaged by the event – even whilst I had no role whatsoever in planning the event.

There was no one responsible, because there was no leader. Throughout the entire 2015-2017 period, various people were able to claim credit for victories, and pass off blame on others for failures. And that system leads to a lot more failures than victories.

A Leader Protects the Integrity of the Revolution

I was most scared that the feds were going to send their costumed neo-Nazi freaks to one of these events, and that they would say: “look, these are the same people asking questions at the events – these disgusting fat slobs in black military costumes shouting about Hitler!”

But now, after the media all reported that Nick Fuentes is the leader of the Groypers, if freaks show up, Nick Fuentes is able to say “no, those are not our guys, they’re not a part of our movement, I’m the leader of this movement so I know who’s a part of it and those fat guys are feds or some other kind of freaks, I disavow.”

Back in the days of the Alt-Right, no one was able to say they were not in a movement with anyone, because there was no authority, because there was no leader. So there was no one to protect the revolution from disgusting and/or subversive elements invading and claiming to represent “the movement.”

Furthermore, you have to protect from the other side as well – vultures of the acceptable, pro-Israel, pro-Jewish, pro-homosexual movement might try to swoop in and suck up the energy of the revolution to use it for their own financial or otherwise selfish ends.

A Leader Protects from Fake Leaders

Daily Stormer was a driving force in creating the meme-driven, internet based proto-Alt-Right movement in 2014-2015. At some point, the media decided that Richard Spencer was our leader, and began introducing him as “the leader of the Alt-Right” on TV and in the media.

No one had voted for him. He hadn’t accomplished anything but running failed websites. And he had no clear message or agenda whatsoever – let alone a platform that people were able to endorse or not.

Instead, he went around babbling about “fundamentally Faustian Dionysus” and “the children of the sun,” and everyone like me – who wanted simple, pro-white, counter-Semitic, nationalist talking points – was left standing around looking confused as to how it was that the Jewish mainstream media had been able to decide that he was our leader.

The Leader Represents the Agenda

In this war, we’ve decided our own leader.

The leader of the Groyper movement is someone who has shown his leadership skills already, even while he is only a lad. More importantly, he has an absolutely clear and coherent vision of what a movement should look like that you can either accept or reject, without being confused as to what we’re talking about.


  • America is for the Americans
  • White Americans and white identity are the cultural and social foundations of America
  • America is a Christian nation, and the moral values inherent in Christianity make up the core of our identity
  • Organized Jewry wields a huge amount of power in America, on every level of society, and they use their power almost entirely for the purpose of harming this country
  • Immigration should be shut down completely and immediately, and we need to start using legal means to remove nonwhites from the country, as well as boost the white birthrate
  • We need to cut all entanglements with the nation of Israel, including cutting foreign aid to them, and cutting military support for their insane Middle East domination project

There is more, but those are the basics.

And it’s certainly all stuff I can sign off on.

Without a leader, anyone can go up there and say “I’m the leader of the Groypers, and here’s my plan – which is also your plan, because I’m your leader!”

No good.

Just to be Clear

I am not proclaiming Nick Fuentes Eternal Aryan Fuhrer of the Fourth Reich. I am simply saying that we are in the middle of a thing right now – this war on Conservatism, Inc. – and he is the leader of that thing.

He may or may not go on to be the leader of much bigger and better things. Time will tell. He’s only 21 years old.

But for now, for this war we are waging against all of these establishment traitors who are trying to destroy America, Nick is the leader, and all of us – myself included – should let him lead this battle and follow his direction.