Nick Fuentes has Epic Patriotic Meeting with Alex Jones

Nick Fuentes had an epic meeting with Alex Jones this week, and the level of patriotism was off the charts. We haven’t seen this level of patriotism since the country’s bicentennial celebrations in 1976.

Beyond that, I would say, the levels of patriotism were on the level of the time that Donald Trump ate a cheesesteak.

It was a literal overload of patriotism. I was so pumped up I started shooting off fireworks – inside my apartment.

These ultimate patriots discussed:

  • The planned coup, where the Democrats are planning to overthrow the government if they can’t do election fraud
  • Social media censorship and total censorship
  • The globalists
  • Globalism
  • The agenda of the globalists
  • The globalist control grid
  • Steve Bannon is full of shit and he’s weird
  • Devil worshiping child molesters
  • Hell’s coming

Here is the interview they reference with Darren Beattie, who wrote a recent article on Revolver News about a Jew named Norm Eisen who is taking part in the plan for a color revolution in America.

Here’s also the Newt Gingrich Fox interview where he wasn’t allowed to name the Soros.

That was weird as heck.

The Patriotic Duo also mentioned Revolver News. I plugged Revolver News yesterday, and will plug it again now: it’s a fantastic site to share with normie-type relatives who might be put off by the Daily Stormer.