Nick Fuentes Crashes Impeachment Hearing for Second Day in a Row!

Nick Fuentes has made back-to-back appearances at the fake impeachment trial! Donald Trump should have just hired Nick as his defense counsel! He was going to be there anyway!

They kicked the poor bastard off YouTube, then off DLive – and put him on C-SPAN!

As we reported, he was there on Thursday.

And he was there again on Friday! I don’t even know who this woman is! Some angry woman who hates white men!

This is not the most flattering clip, but it’s obviously out of context.

In the clip, Nick is talking about how we have no way to issue our grievances in a democracy (something that I’ve spoken of often), and says “the only thing you could do is kill them.” He then goes on to explain that he is not saying to do that and so on. Of course he’s not saying to do that. He’s simply pointing out that in a system where you have no redress, that is what people feel like.

These are just horrible smears on our boy.

Nick has done thousands of hours of content. You know who went through all his content to find unflattering clips like this? Ben Shapiro’s staff. I can guarantee this clip came from Ben Shapiro’s staff. The Congress didn’t go through and watch every single show of Nick Fuentes from the last four years.

Anyway, people are saying “oh wow, Nick is screwed, they played him at the impeachment” – well, I do think Nick is screwed, but only as screwed as we all are, frankly. He is not uniquely screwed. He didn’t commit any crimes. Obviously, that doesn’t matter anymore, as they are making everyone who supported Donald Trump out to be a terrorist, but Nick is not in a worse place than any other pundit that supported Trump and attended this legal event.

It’s not just you. Things are getting crazier out there.

I’ve seen some people freaking out about “OMG they froze his bank account.” I don’t know if that is true, or just some rumor. But it doesn’t matter. Just to be clear, they’ve been freezing people’s bank accounts for years. My bank accounts were frozen before Trump even won the election, just because I was making jokes on the internet or whatever. They are freezing the accounts of basically everyone who attended the January 6 peaceful protest.

People trying to act like Nick is going to be put on double-secret probation are just full of shit. I’ve seen this before. I saw it after Charlottesville, when people were climbing over each other to talk to the feds because they were scared like a black man in a room full of ghosts.

Just chill, okay. Everybody – chill.

Obviously, everyone needs to be careful right now. More careful than anyone has ever been. But don’t freak out. That doesn’t help anything. Stay calm, be cool, lay low, don’t talk to the cops and trust Jesus.

That’s all any of us can do.