Nick Fuentes Confronts Tim Heidecker on His Show, Unfunny Man Curls Into Fetal Position and Cries

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The failed comedian Tim Heidecker allowed the successful patriot Nick Fuentes onto his podcast stream this week. Heidecker, who is a known tattletale, Jew lover, tone policeman and an editor of his own Wiki page, apparently believed that he could “pwn” the bold and audacious streamer Fuentes, but it was he who would truly be pwned.

Heidecker was messing with Fuentes’ mic the whole time, attempting to sabotage him and make him look like a quiet person who doesn’t speak words correctly. Even with this handicap, Fuentes humiliated him through every step.

A comedian is supposed to have wits, whereas a patriot is supposed to be a strong speaker. So in theory, back and forth banter between a comedian and a patriot should give a clear advantage to the comedian.

I simply could not believe some of these exchanges.

Let’s go through a play-by-play here.

  • Tim came in with short jokes, asking him if he was taller or smaller than Ben Shapiro, then said that he has a pumpkin on his show that is so giant it makes him look even smaller than he is. This was a free opening shot. He had time to think of something, and that’s what he came up with.
  • Nick said that the pumpkin is a joke, and “you probably wouldn’t get it, you’re not very funny.”
  • Tim then went into full whiny defense mode: “what does the relativity of humor have to do with anything? Why do you care if I’m funny or not?” This is weird, because he’s obviously locked into combat with the America First right-wing – a battle that he started by being a tattletale baby – so asking “why are you making fun of me and being mean to me tho?” is actually confusing. Yes, when you start problems with people, they make fun of you.
  • Nick told him he isn’t funny and Tim then started defending his career: “I’m a successful comedian, I’ve been doing it for 15 years.” Instead of getting all defensive, he should have said something like “no, I’m not funny, but at least I’m not a gay little faggot like you” or something. Or he could have started saying “fight me in real life stuff,” like, “okay bro, why don’t you meet me in the Walmart parking lot and say that to my face?” Anything other than “actually I am successful.”
  • Because this led right into Nick saying: “you’re a successful comedian? You have 2,000 viewers, I have 10,000.”
  • This would have been a good time to self-deprecate like an alpha, and say something like, “shit, you’ve got 10,000 viewers right now? I might have gone into the wrong line of work.” He could have then looked at his crew (because he had a crew, while Nick was solo) and said, “what do you guys think, should I have been a racist incel memefag nerd?” and then go on the attack and say: “what is it you call yourself, Nick? Not a ‘white supremacist’ but a white nationalist?” This would have put Nick on the defense, forced him to say he doesn’t identify that way, etc. Tim then could have said, “yeah, the whole yelling white skinhead thing isn’t very cool, pretty try-hard. You’ve gotta be fashionable if you want to be an infamous nihilist.” Nick then would have had to say he isn’t a nihilist, etc. etc. etc. (Note: I think Nick would have handled pushback fine and still won outright, it’s just incredible the way Tim was so masochistic in that he didn’t even try to get back on top.)
  • Instead, Heidecker sextupled down on self-defense, because he’d already fully committed to this entire exchange being him defending himself: “my audience are actual productive people” who don’t have time to watch his show, he said.
  • That’s when Nick made this face:

  • Nick said: “I like to let the money and the viewers do the talking, but you’re very successful I’m sure.”
  • Tim said: “I’ve had tremendous success on television, which is a much broader and more profitable way to go about expressing yourself.”
  • Nick: “What, in 2008? Yeah, you were funny in like 2008.” It would have been funny if Nick had put a really fine point on it and added” “when I was 10 years old, yeah, you were at the top of your game.”
  • Tim then explained that Nick must have missed his big announcement – he’s got a new show on Showtime called “Moonbase 8.” He said Nick’s followers can’t afford showtime. A really dumb, obvious insult. He should have said, “it’s an hour long drama show, I don’t think your followers will have the attention span. There’s no screaming schizophrenic woman or racist blinking chat alerts, so, yeah, you guys might get bored.”
  • He told Nick he could come up from his parents’ basement and check it out on Showtime. Nick started laughing, aware of how to self-deprecate like an alpha and said, “it’s actually funny because that’s actually what I do.”
  • Tim then said that Nick and the rest of us have won, apparently referring to Trump, and said we should just be happy with that. Then the dumb bastard again walked right into it, and said that he knows Nick’s audience but he doesn’t know what they look like because they hide behind anime avatars. Nick said: “they hide behind anime avatars because if they showed their faces you’d tattle on them to their employers like you tattled on Baked Alaska.”
  • They then started whining about the Jews, like babies. Who the hell thinks it’s funny to defend Jews? Every single person who knows anything about anything knows that Jews are the ruling class in this country. How can you possibly be a “comedian” and sycophantically defend Jews? This goes back to the court jester mocking the king, to Greek and Roman comedies mocking the government. The literal roots of Western comedy. There is no way to funnily say “I love our masters and never question them.”
  • Tim eventually became unhinged and started yelling about how we have to defend the Jews from people questioning them and how the entire purpose of society is to protect the Jews.
  • That’s when Nick made this face:

  • Then, Vic Berger, who claims not to be Jewish, started to sense that the situation was getting out of control, and started reading quotes from Nick about how Jim Crow wasn’t a big deal. That is to say: he tried to take the topic from the Jews, to black people, who are generally considered more sympathetic because they’re poor. He was doing “shut it down, shut it down, shut it down.” Throughout the debate, he was interjecting that you should never engage with someone who questions Jews.
  • This guy, Vic Berger, claims not to be Jewish:

  • Tim then began a boomer type lecture about how Nick is a young man who can change his ways, then said the only funny thing he said during the entire debate: “you can change your life, you can put the pumpkins away.”
  • Tim actually seemed upset that Vic Berger kept interrupting to shut it down, but eventually said, “Vic, just go for it,” and he started talking about Charlottesville.
  • Once again, this guy claims not to be Jewish:

  • After that alleged non-Jew finished, Tim started into a totally whiny rant, like a baby, and started accusing Nick of being sexually abused as a child. Accusing someone of being sexually abused as a child is something that could be funny, but Tim didn’t pull it off.
  • Eventually, Vic Berger jumped back in and started talking about the Holocaust. Funny stuff. Nick said he believes whatever Jews say about the Holocaust. They made Nick say how many Jews died and he said: “something like ten trillion, or what’s the latest figure?” and Vic Berger, who claims not to be Jewish, snapped and said: “JUST GET THIS GUY OFF THE AIR.”
  • Tim then tried to make a final jab, something about Nick’s background on his show having a shooting star, and Nick said: “is that funny?”
  • Tim then obeyed Vic Berger and got Nick off the air, telling him to throw away the MAGA hat because Trump is a “tyrant,” and said, “goodbye loser.”

Just really a very sad, poor showing by Heidecker here.

I find myself feeling bad for Heidecker.

The guy is about as goyish as it gets, and he’s surrounded by vile Jews who he feels compelled to worship in this totally embarrassing and humiliating way. There’s something about this man that’s like a little boy. I feel like I should rescue him from these Jews.

But alas.