Nick Fuentes Banned from YouTube for “Hate Speech”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 14, 2020

America First host Nick Fuentes was just permanently banned from YouTube. His channel was deleted.

This comes after he received a strike earlier in the week, which I believe was his third strike, so I doubt that they’re going to reinstate his channel. However, it has happened historically that people who were banned got their channels restored, so who knows.

I don’t think anyone thought that he was going to go on forever.

He was literally the last interesting thing on YouTube. I don’t even go to YouTube anymore, because there is literally nothing on it worth watching.

Nick is still on Dlive, an alternative streaming platform (you can also watch replays there), where I assume he will continue doing his regular show. The numbers there have been basically as good as YouTube, as far as I can tell. But that is probably because he uses his Twitter account to promote Dlive, and usually when you get banned from YouTube, you also get banned from Twitter, because these companies all cooperate to censor individuals.

Basically, it looks like they didn’t want to censor him right in the middle of the whole Groyper War, so they decided to wait for the heat to cool down and then hit him with the ban.

Further, this is probably the start of yet another wave of bans of people who support Donald Trump before the election. Because despite Donald Trump engaging in fellatio of the tech companies, going so far as to say the new meaning of “MAGA” is “Microsoft, Apple, Google and Amazon,” they hate him more today than they hated him yesterday.

They may as well just go ahead and start banning neocons like Paul Joseph Watson and Jack Posobiec as they just try to shut down the whole thing.

At time of writing, Nick has not commented on this yet on his Twitter. He might still be asleep. I can’t imagine this shocked him.