Nick Cohen Informs Fellow White British About Their Evil Racism

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 3, 2015

"We are all in this together, fellow Whites. And we must stop our evil."
We are all in this together, fellow Whites. And we must stop our evil.”

The Guardian has published another insightful insight by a British White man about how Whites are evil for not wanting their homes to be flooded by “migrants” from Africa. This time, he attacked the Nazi leader of Britain, David Cameron, who has referred to the migrants crossing from Africa as a “swarm” – a reference to insectoid aliens in the video game Starcraft.

Cohen, who is himself White and British, explains that the racism of Britain is a new thing, and that the nation can easily take unlimited numbers of innocent, suffering Africans.

“Supply limit capped?” asks Cohen, “well, then you must construct additional pylons.”

"Your SUVs are under attack!"
“Your SUVs are under attack!”

Though Cohen spends a whole lot of time explaining that Britain is a racist hate-nation, he does not write about the fact that Israel refers to “migrants” as “infiltrators,” rounds them up off the street and puts them in barbwire concentration camps before they can be deported back to Africa or sent to Sweden. But why would he write about that? That is Israel’s issue, and he’s a Brit, through and through.

Oh, but some times he does write about Israel, such as in April of 2012 in Standpoint.

When the far Left was a global force, the mainstream liberal Left had to draw dividing lines and defend itself from its attacks. Now that the far Left threatens no one, the borders have gone. The media would hound from public life any conservative who shared platforms with members of a neo-Nazi group. But respectable leftists can now associate with those who would once have been regarded as poisonous extremists — and no one notices. What applies to personal alliances applies equally to ideology. Foul ideas flood past the unmanned border posts, with disastrous consequences for Jews and Arabs.

The influence of far-Left ideas on attitudes towards the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is too obvious to spend much time on. You will have noticed how rarely discussion of a workable solution appears. Most Israelis and most Palestinians favour a compromise, which includes a fair distribution of land, an end to violence, and security — essentially dividing the country on 1967 lines. Compromise is as much an anathema to the far Left and the Islamists as it is to the Israeli and American Right. Increasingly, it is anathema to the mainstream liberal Left as well. The notion that Israel is an illegitimate state has gone from the fringe to the mainstream of left-wing discourse.

Wow, Cohen is right. It is unbelievable that someone would think that a nation built by genociding an indigenous race of brown savages would be “illegitimate.”

Cohen's pro-racial segregation in Israel article also mentions that communism was created by Jews. Maybe he's an anti-Semite?
Cohen’s pro-racial segregation in Israel article also mentions that communism was created by Jews. Maybe he’s an anti-Semite?

But wait – “dividing the country on 1967 lines” – you mean, racial segregation, Cohen?

But, I thought… I must be confused about something.

Surely, Nick Cohen can’t believe that Israel and the UK should have completely different – opposite, really – standards on racial integration?

Can he?

I mean, would a respected paper like The Guardian really print an article demanding racial integration be forced on the UK written by a man who aggressively defends racial segregation in Israel, and writes articles attacking leftists who oppose it?

There must be some confusion.