Nice Terrorist Attack, Bro

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 15, 2016


Awe, look at the dolly. Children are dead. It’s so sad, but don’t get angry about it. There is nothing we can do – let’s just pray about it.

I will not be praying for Nice.

I am in fact fed-up with being asked to feel sorry for people who are refusing to address – or even acknowledge the existence of – their own problems.

The existential threat to Western civilization that is mass immigration is not being connected to the random mass-killings. Instead, these killings are being treated by the governments of the West – as well as by the populations of the West – as something akin to natural disasters. Something sad and tragic but nonetheless unpreventable.

In reality, they are preventable. In the same way that smashing your head against a brick wall is preventable.

If I saw someone smash their head against a brick wall, I would be sympathetic. I would say “whoa there buddy, be careful, is there anything I can do to help? Can I get you a glass of water, perhaps?”


But then if that person then got up and smashed their head against the wall again, I would be much less sympathetic. If I stood there and watched them repeatedly smash their head against the wall, over and over and over again, I would lose all sympathy, and simply walk away and leave them to it.

I realize this analogy isn’t perfect, but it isn’t all too far from the mark either. The populations of the West are under a sustained attack by Islam. The very clear solution to this problem is to remove the Islamic populations from Western nations. Of course, an individual can’t do that alone, nor can a small to medium-sized group of individuals, but a nation can do that. Instead of marching for peace and launching prayer drives, the people of France are given the opportunity, every time one of these attacks happens, to gather on the streets in the millions and demand the expulsion of the Saracen filth.

But they don’t.


Whether or not you’re afraid when you get murdered is completely irrelevant, French.

They do gather in the streets in the millions, but they have no clear idea what they are gather for. After Charlie Hebdo, it was for free speech (in France, a country with arguably the most restrictive free speech laws in the world). After Paris, it was a vague “can’t we all just get along” type deal.

Just as easily they could say “remove these people, to the last man, we don’t want them and we don’t deserve them.”

By not doing this, they are effectively repeatedly smashing their heads against a brick wall.

And my sympathy is all gone.


Of course, when I say I’m out of sympathy, I am speaking of sympathy for the nation as a whole, rather than the individual victims.

But in all honesty, I’m having a pretty hard time feeling sorry for the individual victims as well.

If there were to be a story saying “one of the victims had just been released from prison for hate speech against Moslems, and was just going to a fireworks show before getting ready to get back on the streets protesting the Islamization of France,” then I would feel sympathetic to that individual.

But in all likelihood, the victims were all normal French people, who protest against racism, who look down upon anyone who questions the multicultural status quo put forward by the Jews.

But then you might say “oh, but the children – children died in this attack, and they can’t be held responsible for the Islamization of France.”

Surely not.

But if their parents supported the status quo, and were not out protesting against the Islamization of their country, then they put their children’s lives at risk in order to keep from being called a racist by the Jews. They gambled with their children’s lives, betting that they wouldn’t be the next ones to die as a result of this experiment, and they lost.

This is life.

People make decisions, they deal with the consequences.