NFL Player Attacked for Posting Redpilled Fake Hitler Quote

This Adolf Hitler quote might be totally fake, but that doesn’t make it any less based or any less redpilled.

We’re seeing black anti-Semitism left and right, and it is the only thing that the establishment cares about stopping blacks from doing. They can be out there threatening to mass murder white people, and the media claps.

But they say one little thing about the Jews, and it’s another Holocaust.

They keep saying that whites have no right to ever say anything about anything to any black man, but that entire doctrine gets thrown out the window as soon as someone says “Jew.” Then it becomes time for that black man to apologize, to bow down, to get lectured about his evil and hate-filled nature.

They’re attempting to train the blacks that they will be rewarded for harming whites, but will be punished for even mentioning Jews. It’s a very obvious program of behavior modification.