NFL is No Longer Forcing Players to Stand During the National Anthem

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
July 21, 2018

The NFL is called the Negro Felon League because many of the players are Negroes who have broken the law by committing felonies.

The National Football League, more commonly referred to as the Negro Felon League, just announced that they are suspending their new national anthem policy. The announcement was released as a joint statement between the NFL and the players union.

A short while ago, the league adopted a rule requiring all players on the field to stand as the national anthem was played. Alternatively, players could opt to stay in the locker room if they did not want to stand for the national anthem. The rule change was an attempt to compromise with both sides. This attempt has clearly failed. In fact, from a public relation standpoint, it was the absolute worst thing they could have done. All it has done is piss off people on both sides of the issue.

The dissatisfaction from the players’ union with the rule change prompted NFL management to quickly fold. So as it stands now, the NFL is once again not requiring players to stand for the national anthem as they negotiate with the players union.

Last year’s NFL season was marred with hundreds of Negroid players kneeling during the national anthem and disrespecting America. The NFL’s core audience has always been middle class Whites. So by not putting an immediate end to this insanity, they insulted their target audience. This prompted many to stop watching the product all together. Ratings plunged and we saw many empty seats in stadiums throughout the season.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has completely ruined the NFL’s brand. He is a failed person completely undeserving of his ridiculously high salary.

The President commented on this new development, rightly trashing NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell who rakes in a $40 million salary.

Based on the NFL’s mishandling of the national anthem issue, it’s safe to say that Goodell is the most over paid individual in the world. His failure to clamp down on these niggers disrespecting America has ruined the NFL’s brand. This latest debacle is only causing more damage.

And let’s face facts, the new national anthem policy was weak to begin with. So whatever comes out of these negotiations is going to be extremely unfavorable. If the NFL refuses to make these overgrown apes stand for the national anthem, than they are spitting in the face of every red blooded White American. It’s really that simple.

All White people need to boycott these ridiculous nigger ball circuses. There is no reason in the world why we should support an entity that has shown outright contempt for us and our country.