Nexit? New Polls Show Geert Wilders Slated To Become Next Dutch Prime Minister

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
November 29, 2016

DEN HAAG - PVV-leider Geert Wilders bij basisschool De Walvis waar hij zijn stem uitbracht op een kandidaat voor het Europees Parlement. ANP BAS CZERWINSKI
I’m no fan of Geert Wilders or his borderline cuckservative party. One look at the PVV’s party platform, and you’ll see it’s on the wrong track with most things, taking absurd positions and discourse like describing the Netherlands as a “Judeo-Christian Humanistic” society, interpreting Dutch culture and destiny through the prism of some sort of abstract struggle of queers and Jews against Islam, and supporting economic privatization which inevitably creates the risk of putting more unaccountable power in the hands of private plutocrats.

With that said, it’s Last Call in the Netherlands, and your only choice is either the cueball-headed dyke with the trashy bleached hair, or nothing.

The PVV is the only party in the country that opposes immigration to any degree as well as leaving the European Union, which would mean a monumental shift in the region’s geopolitics if Wilders is able to implement his promises. While Holland is a small country, it is disproportionately active in the European Union’s many imperialist moralizing projects, and its sickening society – which features everything from a booming bestiality industry to a one-issue pedophile political party that actually runs candidates in elections – is considered to be a beacon of what Brussels considers to be ‘enlightened.’

And let’s be frank: the EU is the issue of the day. This other stuff can be solved later.

If the Dutch leave the EU, it would be a massive symbolic blow to the Jewropean Union that could set off a domino effect. The latest polls show that this is a very real possibility:

Similar events are unfolding in France with Le Pen, which is food for thought since both Wilders and Le Pen have for years seemed stuck at a predictable support ceiling.

A lot of tepid consultant types would argue that Wilders and Le Pen have traditionally been unable push past around 25% in previous elections because they needed to water down their rhetoric even more. But their views haven’t changed much in the past two months, and yet their chances in winning have gone up exponentially.


I would posit that this ceiling has more to do with a significant number of people in both France and Holland who have withheld their votes for anti-EU, anti-immigration parties not because they’re “racist” or they don’t agree, but because they feared their countries would suffer retaliation via economic sanctions by world Jewry proxy powers, and in some more fantastic minds, even targeted for “regime change” by America.

With the election of Donald Trump and his moral support for anti-EU groups, more voters this time around will feel confident in choosing national self-interest knowing that the Trump United States will respect their sovereign decision either way.

If we see a Nexit or a Frexit in the next few years, the whole damn thing is going to come tumbling down. Seeing how things are developing, the upcoming elections in France and Holland are Le Pen and Wilders’ to lose. The current mood spreading across the West demands they ratchet up their defiance, rather than engage in compliance.

[The Daily Stormer endorses the bulldyke with the bleached hair for leader of the Netherlands. -AA]