Newsweek Appears to be Going Out of Business

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 5, 2018


Editor who quit in solidarity with fired editors says the point might be moot because he doesn’t know if the company even exists.

Original article follows.

Newsweek is secretly owned by a shadowy Korean cult leader who apparently believes he’s the second coming of Christ. Pastor David Jang. Some Jews (and goys) at Newsweek were doing an investigation into him due to various financial scandals, and he just did a mass-firing operation.

This is a total meltdown crisis situation. They will either fold or go up for sale. They don’t really have any other options.

Firing your editor-in-chief and a bunch of other people all at once – while at the same time withholding paychecks – is a kamikaze play.

The Korean either just totally lost his shit entirely or he’s doing some chess move to stir up staff backlash so there is chaos and confusion when the ship goes down.

The Wrap:

Newsweek fired editor-in-chief Bob Roe and executive editor Ken Li Monday. Additionally, TheWrap has learned that the publication has parted ways with the top reporters of its investigations unit, including Celeste Katz and Josh Saul. International Business Times reporter Josh O’Keefe was also dismissed.

Employees who were not fired were sent home Monday — potentially without pay, TheWrap has learned.

“IBT employees were not paid last night,” a current Newsweek employee told TheWrap. “They claimed we were about to get paid by 3 and 5 today and if we don’t get paid by 5 I am going to lead the f—ing revolution.”

They fired “everyone on that investigative team and a ‘payroll error’ last night means nobody in the company got paid,” said the employee. “They are apparently in a ‘work stoppage’ and being sent home for the day.”

As the Daily Beast reported, members of the Newsweek investigations unit had written several pieces critical of the company in recent days, something an internal source within the company suggested was related to today’s actions.

“They were all independently working on a story about ‘the Church,’ a.k.a. our owners,” said the employee.

On Friday, Newsweek’s chairman, Etienne Uzac, and his wife, finance director Marion Kim, both left the company after a report in BuzzFeed said that the media company had engaged in ad fraud and used dodgy tactics to artificially increase traffic.

Last month, Newsweek’s office was raided by the NYPD and the Manhattan District Attorney’s office for reasons that remain unclear. Employees at the time reported that officers had been taking pictures of computer servers.

This is beautiful.

I forgot to report on that ad fraud thing – that is a massive, massive scandal that in itself could/would have destroyed the entire company. Ad fraud is serious business. It’s like insurance fraud – there are a lot of ways to make money in this world, but I wouldn’t recommend internet ad fraud.

But with all this other stuff piled up, and a mass firing – this is the collapse of a fake news dynasty.

Other Jewish media is going to rally around and throw them under the bus as part of a sin chicken Jewish ritual – that is to say, they will put all of the sins of the entire lying kike media symbolically onto this one outlet.

The Korean ensured the media wouldn’t circle the wagons – as Jewsmedia companies pretty much always do for each other – when he, as a goy, fired a bunch of Jews in a humiliating way.