Newsom Releases Child Murderers from Prison Because of a Virus

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 28, 2020

The state of the average American in March of 2020

We are experiencing what a legitimate mass hysteria looks like. People are killing themselves, they’re going out to live in the woods, they’re stockpiling toilet paper. The government is closing all businesses, locking everyone in their houses, releasing the military onto the street, collapsing the economy, refusing to arrest people and releasing child murderers from prison.

All the drug dealers have already been released, by the way.

LA Times:

California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Friday pardoned five people who had already served their time and commuted the sentences of 21 state prison inmates, including more than a dozen convicted of murder or related crimes. The victims were children in two of the cases and a pregnant woman in a third.

The clemency requests were being considered before the coronavirus crisis, “and, as resources permitted, the governor decided to move forward with them,” spokeswoman Vicky Waters said in an email.

Attorneys representing inmates asked federal judges this week to free thousands of inmates to help prisons better confront the pandemic, which has sickened one inmate and 12 employees.

Newsom’s commutations include 14 inmates convicted of murder or related crimes.

Suzanne Johnson, 75, of San Diego County has served 22 years for assault on a child causing death, while 64-year-old Joann Parks of Los Angeles County has served 27 years but denies setting a fire in her home that resulted in the deaths of her three young children.

Rodney McNeal, 50, of San Bernardino County has served 22 years for fatally stabbing his pregnant wife, a crime he also denies.

Here’s the rest of them – including one paid assassin…!

  • Kristopher Blehm, 35, of Santa Barbara County, who has served nearly 12 years for helping murder his crime partner’s romantic rival.
  • Steven Bradley, 56, of Kern County, who has served 32 years for killing a gas station attendant during a robbery.
  • Jason Bryant, 40, of Shasta County, who has served 20 years for armed robberies, including one in which a victim was fatally shot by an accomplice.
  • Rosemary Dyer, 67, of Los Angeles County, who has served more than 33 years for fatally shooting her husband.
  • Samuel Eldredge, 61, of Humboldt County, who has served 25 years for fatally shooting his crime partner’s housemate.
  • Richard Flowers, 64, of Tulare County, who has served more than 25 years for killing a woman during a robbery.
  • Robert Glass, 48, of Los Angeles County, who has served more than 26 years for murder during a burglary.
  • James Harris, 56, of Los Angeles County, who has served more than 30 years for a drug-sales-related kidnapping and the killing of two victims.
  • David Jassy, 45, Los Angeles County, who has served 11 years for killing a man during an altercation.
  • Shyrl Lamar, 68, of Sacramento County, who participated in a robbery in which her crime partner fatally stabbed two victims.
  • Ramon Rodriguez, 49, of Los Angeles County, who has served 22 years after he was paid to kill a victim.

People are referring to the crowd as “The Bloodthirsty Bundle.”

Everything that is going on would be insane even if the situation was just exactly as bad as they’re saying it is. The fact that the entire thing is a panic over a virus that amounts to nothing more than the flu – and could well end up amounting to less than the flu – makes it infinity times worse.

I’m still trying to wrestle with exactly what this situation says about society, but basically, it says everything I’ve said: society has gone completely insane, due to an inability to properly manage technological developments.

We are now living in post-reality, where nothing is real and nothing makes any sense.

Sometimes, I myself wish I had lost touch with reality completely, and was walking around in a totally confused and agitated state.

I do not think it is pleasant, but surely it is better than having to watch everyone else acting like acid casualties while having no ability to influence them.

I guess the big question now is whether or not people will ever snap out of this super-agitated psychotic delusion caused by this virus and revert back to the previous baseline of psychosis or if we’ve now simply established a new normal, where people have taken not knowing or caring what is going on to a violent extreme.

My thought is that while it will probably cool down a bit, we’re never going back to pre-Corona levels of madness. We’ve now entered a whole new phase of the game.

This virus hysteria has caused some mechanism in people’s brains that was allowing them to sort of hold it together to snap.

The best any of us who can see what is going on can do is just try to chill and enjoy the show.