NEWS ON A PLANE: White Man Discriminated Against by Irate Woman, Niggercops…!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 23, 2018


What right do the decedents of slaves have to harass this gentleman?

What did he do?

The thing he did isn’t in the video – in the video we just see what appears to be more black-on-white violence.

CBS News:

An unruly passenger was removed from a Miami to Chicago flight after being tased by Miami-Dade Police, according to authorities. CBS Miami reports another passenger on the plane posted video of the incident on Twitter.

According to American Airlines, there was a “disagreement” between Jacob Garcia and another passenger while Flight 2446 was still at the gate at Miami International Airport.

The “disagreement”, according to the arrest affidavit started when Garcia touched a female passenger inappropriately without her permission.

Yeah, so some bitch said he sexually harassed her and then they called in a squad of niggers to attack him.

Peak modernity.

Garcia was moved to another seat, but he started to scream and insult the female passenger and her boyfriend, states the police report.

When flight attendants asked Garcia to get off the plane, he refused.

According to the airline, the crew followed procedure and began deplaning.

When Miami-Dade Police tried to remove Garcia from the plane, he locked his legs around a seat and refused.

An officer was forced to tase Garcia as they struggled to get him off the plane, according to the police.

The report states the officer deployed his taser 10 times, “due to Mr. Garcia’s actions and the close quarters of the engagement, Officer Desorches was unable to holster his ECW (Electronic Control Weapon) which caused the number of cycles.”

When Garcia still refused to walk off the plane, officers carried him out all while yelling at the officers and other passengers.

Yeah, so he was frustrated because he was having his rights violated.

I don’t see as though he did anything wrong.

This looks to me like a clear case of anti-white oppression.