News On A Plane! Allahu Akbar Ain’t Gonna Save You Now, You Monkey-Faced Terrorists!

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
October 31, 2018

Tuesday, the news was chattering about an Indonesian plane that crashed into the sea, killing everyone on board.

I didn’t care.

New York Times:

The weather over the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, was sunny with little wind. The plane was a pristine Boeing that had taken to the skies only in August.

But shortly after 6:30 on Monday morning, after a jagged takeoff full of unexplained descents, Lion Air Flight 610 plunged into the Java Sea with 189 people on board. No survivors have been found.

The exact sequence of events that led to yet another aviation disaster in Indonesia is still unclear, and may only emerge once flight-data recorders are recovered from the waters northeast of Jakarta.

But the crash took place in broad daylight and good weather, and involved a new plane. So experts are looking to see if an underlying problem, either mechanical or human or both, may have caused it.

“This doesn’t seem like a more normal crash caused by something like weather or an old plane,” said Gerry Soejatman, an Indonesian aviation expert. “That’s what makes us worry.”

One theory is that the pilots received inaccurate altitude or speed readings from probes affixed to the outside of the airplane, part of a sensitive set of instruments called the pitot-static system.

On Tuesday afternoon, Indonesian transportation officials acknowledged that they had not spoken to ground crews about the plane and the problems it experienced after it left Bali.

“We haven’t questioned the engineer or the technicians from Sunday’s flight yet because we have very limited human resources,” said Ony Soerjo Wibowo, an air safety investigator for the Indonesian Transportation Safety Committee, which is taking the lead in the inquiry into the crash.

I guess the Indonesian government doesn’t really care, either.

They shouldn’t.

Indonesian lives aren’t that valuable, and these people are always crashing their planes all the time anyway. They’re too stupid to pilot, control or maintain them, and they shouldn’t be flying them anyway.

So, a day passed, and nobody cared about this story.

But then then, I found this video, and suddenly, I care.

This is hilarious.

Did you think Allahu-Akbaring was going to save you, you dirty terrorists?

What was this, even – a terrorist attack against the ocean, or whatever you crashed into?

Do you people do anything other than fly planes into things while screaming Allahu Akbar?

I would almost say that, in my language, the words we use for “I’m about to die” and “I’m about to kill you” are different – but now that I think about it, I don’t know any particularly religious way of announcing my intention to blow myself up on an airplane.

I don’t like people who blow themselves up to kill their enemies. I like people who kill their enemies, and don’t die.

That’s why you’re flying around in airplanes, and we’re not riding around on… whatever it is people used to transport themselves in Indonesia. I guess they just walked.

If I search for your boilerplate statement of faith and all I see are pictures of explosions, I mean, I don’t even know what to tell you. You’re doing something wrong.

Maybe these people just want to fly airplanes into things while screaming Allahu Akbar, and they don’t even care what they hit.

What if we’ve been misunderstanding this whole situation?