Newly Discovered Color Images of 1950s America Show How Ruined Everything is Today

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
May 15, 2019

1952: On the Store Front

Seeing how nice things were in the past inevitably reminds you of how fucked up the present is and how far we’ve strayed from that path we were once on.

Daily Mail:

They’re called the boom years: A postwar, 1950s America had a flourishing economy, fast-growing families and a suburb surge.

Rock ‘n’ roll hit the airwaves while Americans were more likely to flick on their televisions to watch ‘I Love Lucy,’ and hop into their new, sleek cars with tailfins.

Newly discovered images provide a colorful view of the country from coast to coast during a decade of prosperity but also one of Cold War fears and McCarthyism.

The photos, like the one above taken in 1952 in Michigan, are part a recently launched website called the Lost Colour Library.

The images that show 1950s America – its turquoise and teal colored cars, Chinatown and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, New York City and Chicago streets during the day and at night, and a stretch of road in Cripple Creek, Colorado – are from Wild’s collection and a collector named Michael W. Gorth, who is based in San Diego.

1954: Crossing the Road, Chicago

1956: The Golden Gate Bridge

1956: James Dean’s ‘Giant’ at the Chinese Theatre, Hollywood

1957: Cripple Creek, Colorado

What happened to us? Everything seemed so bright and right that it’s hard to believe the Jews were able to rot everything so fast.

Our people shouldn’t have taken prosperity for granted. No matter how unbeatable and mighty America felt in the past, time has proven that there’s a way for every giant to fall — especially when there’s Jews corroding the floor those giants stand on.

What we have now looks like a nightmare compared to what we had in the past.

Our streets are ruined.

Our subways are ruined.

Our people are ruined.

Our demographics are ruined.

Everything is rotten. What the Jews have done to America is unforgivable.

Justice and Revenge will intertwine in their demise.