Newish Netflix Docu-Drama on Social Networks is Actually Very Good

Netflix recently published a dramatized documentary, “The Social Dilemma,” on the rise of social networks and the way they have transformed our society.

It is actually very good, shedding light on an issue that is usually only discussed in the more psychedelic sections of the Daily Stormer: the way our minds and our very souls are being shaped by the exploitation of technology by the new corporate-technocrat ruling class.

Anglin made this meme. It applies here.

The presentation is meant to appeal to normal people, so it does put on a dazzling air of stupidity. But despite its tacky style, this film is exactly what that special boomer or slut in your life needs to make them want to use less social media.

It also personally horrifies you by revealing how pathetically soft, womanly and literally, physiologically limp-wristed the cubicle drones who manage the day-to-day issues of our system of surveillance capitalism are.

In the first twenty minutes, after a negative soundbite flood of equal parts election hacking hysteria and Tucker Carlson social media addiction alarmism, they resumed the whole situation:

  • The advertisers are the consumers, and our perceptions and behaviors are the products.
  • We, as humans, have been literally commodified and commercialized, and the trading in the futures of our thoughts and behaviors is a huge and growing part of the economy.
  • In order to sustain this industry, detailed, permanent and secret behavior records and psychological models are kept about everyone, which analyze and predict thoughts, emotion and behavior.
  • There is no end in sight to this, and people can be expected to become more immersed in these systems of control as time goes on.

The film delivers these points in a way that is very clear and concise. It is impactful even for someone who has read a lot about the issue.

It’s recommended.

The film’s director,¬†Jeff Orlowski, does not appear to be Jewish. He is certainly a liberal, and has previously made a film about global warming. However, this whole issue of engineering society using computer algorithms, and the general takeover of society by extreme technology, is one of the very few remaining places where left and right can come together and say, “this is a bad idea.” That is, as long as by “right” we don’t mean “Sean Hannity” – because Sean Hannity will say that people have a right to do anything they want to your brain as long as they’re making money, and you can choose to not be addicted to social media.

That is the libertarian “there is no such thing as society” position, which is more of a boomer idea than it is a right-wing idea. (Before the boomers, libertarianism was a leftist-Jewish ideology, which had nothing to do with right-wing or conservative thought, given that it necessarily leads to overwhelmingly negative outcomes).

Netflix Tho?

As far as the fact that The Social Dilemma is on Netflix – well, Netflix buys the distribution rights of all kinds of films. This isn’t actually a Netflix production. I understand that not many people want to support Netflix, especially now that they’re openly promoting pedophilia. But I also suspect many of you still have it, and if you don’t, you know someone who does (maybe it would be fun to watch with the parents or the wife/girlfriend’s parents).

If you’re a total NEET who doesn’t have Netflix, doesn’t have friends and doesn’t see your parents, you already have a lot of problems you need to work on, but I suspect one of those problems is not an inability to download Netflix shows without paying for Netflix.

Speaking of that theoretical activity, which you would only theoretically ever partake in if you lived in a country where such things were legal – did you know that the official Stormer-endorsed browser, Brave, has a built-in support for downloading torrents?

Note that if you are going to use this functionality, the save function is a little bit confusing. You have to click the save button, after the download is complete.

Brave also has full support for Tor, blocks ads, promotes privacy by blocking trackers, and uses cryptocurrency.

Brave is the kind of thing that comes about when white male Christians are allowed to operate their own companies, and you should absolutely be using it if you’re not already.

As far as using its torrent tracker for downloading things other than Linux distros – that’s something that, if you were a criminal, you would only ever do using a VPN, because otherwise you’d probably get a letter from your ISP saying they’ll cancel your service if you don’t stop doing that.

Of course, if you’re an absolute lunatic, you’re currently sitting there thinking: “yeah but if there’s Tor and torrent in the same browser…” – and yes, I read you. However, I have not tested this personally, both because I’m not a criminal and because I legitimately do not know the difference between a “motorbus” and an “autobus.”

This new “hCaptcha” being implemented on certain sites as a response to Tor traffic is really just the worst thing I’ve ever encountered on the entire internet.