New Zealanders Cockblocked from Viewing the Whales – Whale-Viewing is “Non-Essential”

Think about this: they are telling you that having meaningful personal life experiences is “non-essential.”


Police in New Zealand have taken special measures to prevent people from gathering near a harbor in Wellington, where several killer whales were seen “breaching social-distancing guidelines.”

Checkpoints were installed at Wellington’s Pauatahanui wildlife reserve this weekend, after a pod of orcas were sighted in the waters nearby, local media reported.

Police have warned people not to travel to the area, currently under lockdown because of Covid, and blocked a state highway in the area so non-residents wouldn’t be able to reach the site.

“A pod of orca is currently breaching social-distancing guidelines off the Pauatahanui inlet – but we’re urging people not to do the same thing,” police said on social media. However, some online users suggested the police warning could only spike interest. “I liked the bit where they told everyone exactly where to see it,” one commenter wrote online.

Seeing the whales is a wonderful thing, and it is the kind of thing that you remember your whole life, and tell others about. It is, quite simply, the sort of thing that makes life worth living.

The overlords are draining life of all meaning under the pretext of protecting people from dying.

Even if you believed in the entire hoax: would this be a fair trade? Would you trade all meaning in your life to reduce all risk in your life?

If that is the case, then we should really all just be locked in padded prison cells and fed slop through a tube by robots.

Aside from disagreements I have regarding “The Science,” and the fact that I’ve already proved that “the coronavirus” does not exist, there is a very serious problem with the underlying ideology here, which states that there cannot be any risk in life.

It has become a cliché now, but the fact is, over the course of a lifetime you have a much higher chance of dying in a car crash than you would in the absolute most apocalyptic coronavirus scenarios.

People used to die on boats. People drown every year. People die going on nature walks. People die from all kinds of things.

Most of all, people die of unhealthy eating, which the government not only condones, but actually supports and endorses through its total refusal to put any kind of regulations on the food industry. They refuse to even put warning labels on foods that contain transfats.

Life has risks. People should be able to make decisions about what kind of risks they want to take. This is not the government’s job. We are not children, and the government is not our mommy.

The government is well within its rights to tell people that there is a virus on the loose, and that they recommend that people who are in risk categories should stay home. But they do not have a right to lock people in their houses. They do not have a right to shut down people’s businesses. They do not have a right to coerce people into taking a dangerous injection.

In May of 2020, I wrote a piece for entitled “Brad Griffin Is Not My Mommy and He Doesn’t Get to Decide Whether or Not I Can Play Outside.” I explained that I thought the virus was a hoax, and just the flu, but then I said that it ultimately doesn’t matter either way, because it is not the government’s decision what risks I choose to take with my own life.

That is really the underlying problem in all of this: we have accepted that the government has a right to make adult decisions for us.

Once we accepted that basic premise, the facts became irrelevant. You have accepted that you are not an adult, and a free human being, but an infantilized subject, to be acted on however the government sees fit.