New Zealand Removes Hooking From List of Foreign Worker Skills Needed

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 7, 2018

Wow, cucked.


Experience in the sex or escort industry will no longer help would-be immigrants move to New Zealand, it seems. The recently-hyped addition to the employment list, for visa hopefuls, has vanished from the immigration website.

News about prostitution being listed as skilled employment in New Zealand made headlines last week. While migration experts said that applying for a resident visa as a sex worker would still be difficult, authorities apparently had second thoughts and removed the skill from the online employment list checker without publicly explaining the move.

As of Friday, the page that described the occupation as providing “clients with sexual services or social companionship” returns an error message: “Oops! We couldn’t find the page you’re looking for.” It can still be viewed on the nonprofit Internet Archive, with the latest available copy dated April 25.

I have no idea what is going on in New Zealand.

But I know what is going on in America.

We have a severe incel problem, which is causing drastic social chaos.

And instead of importing hookers, we are shutting down for “sex trafficking.”

Hooking is actually one legitimate skill that you could say that third worlders have which is beneficial to America. It’s a job that no one is really doing. We could be giving H1-B visas to hookers from Southeast Asia and Latin America, setting up affordable, regulated, clean brothels, and this would actually improve the state of our country – drastically.

If normal guys could go spend an hour with a spicy brown girl for $50, everything about the social landscape would change. The neurosis created in men by feminism would dissolve rapidly, their confidence would increase, they would start being motivated to live more meaningful lives, free of the clutches of being held hostage by feminism and denied access to pussy.

Incels are the most oppressed group on earth.


They have done nothing wrong, and yet they are being denied a basic human need, and then shit on by society for being denied this human need.

Send these sickening pajeets that are stealing our guys’ jobs home and give the H1-Bs to gook hookers.