New Zealand: PM in a Dead-Heat Against Corona, Keeps Her Blinkers on and Her Eyes on the Prize

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 23, 2020

The Cuntish Prime Minister of New Zealand is saddling up and galloping towards a complete North Korea style lockdown.

But with Jacinda weighed in and rallying in the parade ring, this is one black type bumper I won’t be betting the farm on.

Daily Mail:

New Zealand will enter an almost full lockdown by Wednesday with draconian measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

All non-essential businesses and services will be shut for at least four weeks and anyone not working in them told to stay home other than solitary exercise.

Schools will shut except for parents working in essential services, along with public transport across the country – and the military used to enforced the rules.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said on Monday that New Zealand would enter ‘level 4’ restrictions within 48 hours, with level 3 enacted immediately.

Everyday Australians on social media urged Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison to show ‘real leadership’ and follow Ms Ardern’s lead.

The alert level gives Ms Ardern’s government sweeping powers to restrict movement, lock people at home, and requisition resources to fight the deadly virus.

The military will even be used to enforce the measures along with police, but armed soldiers would not be patrolling the streets. 

Supermarkets and pharmacies will stay open but supplies rationed, and private facilities pressed into public service.

A ‘major reprioritisation of healthcare services’ would also be involved to combat coronavirus as the biggest public health threat.

Going for a walk or run outside would be permitted, but people had to stay 2m from anyone who they didn’t live with.

‘I have a very keen sense of the magnitude of this moment in New Zealand’s history and we did not take this decision lightly,’ Ms Ardern said.

‘But we all absolutely believe, this is the right thing to do. We will save lives by taking these measures now.’

Level 3 was immediately put in place, which restricts travel in badly-affected areas and bans all mass gatherings of any kind.

Public venues like libraries, museums, cinemas, food courts, gyms, pools, amusement parks are closed along with some businesses.

A real leader doesn’t let other leaders box her in.

A real leader is on the bridle when a crisis arrives.

A real leader knows how to break away from the pack during the home stretch.

A real leader keeps her blinkers on and keeps her eyes on the finish line.

But… what is the finish line?

How many cases does New Zealand have?

102, probably exclusively from people flying in from colder regions. 

And how many deaths does New Zealand have?

In the whole world, this is still just a flu.

In fact, comparing it to the flu is a massive overstatement.

The flu kills an estimated 300,000 to 650,000 people worldwide every year, and there is absolutely zero chance that coronavirus is going to make it to 15% of that average. It might not even make it to 10%.

Also, keep in mind: although the death rate is probably basically correct, the infection rate could be a hundred or a thousand times more than what is reported, because virtually no one is getting tested and people are getting sick and recovering without ever going to a hospital or thinking about getting tested. This means that the actual mortality rate of the Coronavirus is very, very low.

Rand Paul is widely considered a hero in the right wing as he is the only politician who has boldly called for a repeal of laws against rape and murder, which people think is an awesome idea.

So understand: people are dying left and right from the flu, all season, but this new disease pops up and kills a few people who probably would have died from the flu anyway and it’s the end of the world.

This is not reasonable.

Only a woman or a boomer could think this response is reasonable.

Unfortunately, policy in the West is set by women and boomers.

The rest of the world is just along for the ride.

What Do I Mean When I Say “This is a Hoax”?

When I say this is a hoax, I am not saying:

  1. There is no virus
  2. There will not be consequences

What I am saying is:

  1. The virus is not a big deal (at all)
  2. The consequences are all going to be from the response to the virus, not from the virus itself

We could be entering into an apocalypse scenario because of the fallout from the response to the virus. But the virus itself would not have done anything if we’d just let it go.

I get that there’s a problem in Italy. But we still don’t really understand why it is that big of a problem. They’ve had almost 5,500 deaths in six weeks, but how many deaths would they normally be having? From the flu and from other things?

Italy is a country of 60 million people. And like every white country, their population skews old. The idea that they are unable to burn these bodies makes no sense to me. Especially given that I learned in Holocaust class that three bodies can be stuffed in a crematorium designed for one person, and they can all be burned to dust in 20 minutes using wood.

In fact, they could just take all of these bodies out in a field and burn them in the air, using wood.

But if Italy has a problem, Italy has a problem, and Italy should deal with the problem. There are always “hot spots” in viral outbreaks, that doesn’t mean that New Zealanders should be locked in their houses and forced to drink Soylent Green through a straw.

What is Actually Going on Here?

I don’t know what the conspiracy is, but this is some kind of conspiracy, I can tell you that much.

I think it’s clear that Coronavirus is a bioweapon. I’m not certain of that, and it could have come from bat soup.

But I am relatively confident in the assertion that it is probably a bioweapon.

From there, we don’t know what is going on.

  • Is it a bioweapon released by America against the Chinese?
  • Did America know that it would escape China?
  • Is the virus in Iran the same bioweapon released against China, or is it a different virus, released by Israel?
  • If it was meant to spread across the world, was the purpose to collapse the economy?
  • Or was the purpose to get everyone locked down?
  • Is the purpose to pass new laws restricting people’s freedom?
  • Is it a safe test run to make sure people will smoothly go along with a complete lockdown?
  • Why are all of these famous people getting it?

We don’t have any idea.

What we can say is that Donald Trump probably knew something about this, which is why he tried to go with “it’s just a flu, bro” for so long. Of course, Trump was wrong in a big way to not shut down the border in the first place, but from that point, if it wouldn’t have been from all of this pressure from the media and the Democrats, he could have just continued on with “it’s just a flu” and refused to test people and no one would have been the wiser.

Except I guess if it is a bioweapon and it was released by his enemies in the first place, if he’d refused to play ball they could have released more of it in America.

Bottom line: we have no idea what is going on, but just from the rate of infection and the rate of death, we can see that this is not a big deal, and the cure is worse than the disease.

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