New Zealand: Parliament Pulls Out of Labeling the Chinese as Genociders After Mean Jacinda Speech

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Here’s the basic situation: New Zealand’s economy is inextricably tied to Chinese money. At the same time, the United States, Britain and even Europe are putting New Zealand in a position where they want them to be on a war-footing with the Chinese.

For the time-being, Chinese money in Kiwi politics is winning out over the demands of the West. Or, at least, they’ve won a major victory this week – even as that bitch Jacinda tries to roll hard on them.

The Guardian:

New Zealand’s parliament will not debate a motion that would label the abuses of the Uyghur people in Xinjiang, China, as acts of genocide.

Parliament opted instead on Tuesday to water down the language, and discuss concerns about human rights abuses in the region in more general terms.

It is expected the new motion will pass unanimously on Wednesday. However, it marks no deviation from the country’s current position.

The foreign minister, Nanaia Mahuta, had already put out a statement in March, voicing “grave concerns about the growing number of credible reports of severe human rights abuses against ethnic Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities in Xinjiang”.

Mahuta is a Jacinda shill.

She’s the first person with face tattoos to ever be any country’s top diplomat, and she’s going to stay loyal to Jacinda (at least as long as Jacinda is able to prevent her from getting bought off by the Chinese).

The ACT party deputy leader and foreign affairs spokesperson, Brooke van Velden, filed the original motion. She said the Labour party, which holds a majority in New Zealand’s parliament, would not support the motion unless “genocide” was removed from its wording.

“It’s a sad state of affairs that we’ve needed to soften our language to debate hard issues,” she said in a statement.

The New Zealand government has been under increasing pressure both domestically and from international allies to take a stronger stance on the situation in Xinjiang.

By refusing to allow the genocide motion to move on to the debate stage, New Zealand’s government has moved out of step with some of its traditional partners, including Britain, Canada and the US.

Ardern has declined to reveal whether, in her personal view, the events in Xinjiang constituted genocide.

She’s definitely between a rock and a hard place. Or perhaps she’s between a bridle and a rider, as it were.

As a millennial white woman, Jacinda is likely to do whatever the wokest possible thing she can do is, and that is going to be siding with Islamic terrorists, homosexuals and Antifa against the Chinese government.

But New Zealand is a small country, and the Chinese are really dug in.

New Zealand might not seem like an important country, but I assume that the West is considering geographically that it would be a problem if the Chinese just took it over in the case of a war.

Right now, they pretty easily could just take over the country.

On the other hand, it’s probably impossible for the country to untether itself from China without their economy collapsing.

Of course, the West doesn’t care if anyone’s economy collapses, and in fact they just collapsed their own economies on purpose.

We’ll see what happens next, but you can bet that Joe Biden is going to really start whipping this hijabi horsey.

As a general matter, the West is very good at putting pressure on countries, despite the fact that they offer them nothing.

Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia and a few others have managed to say to the West “look, these people are dumping money into our country – we’re not going to turn against them in order to go get ripped off by the IMF and have you weirdos then demand that we have gay anal sex with one another.”

But those countries are an exception to the rule.

A white country in 2021 simply cannot avoid the call of woke. It is shocking that the parliament was able to refuse to get on board with this Islamic genocide hoax. But it would be more than shocking if they managed to hold out long-term.