New Zealand Now has the Most Anally Fixated Parliament in Human History

You knew that the horsefaced hag dominated New Zealand this week.

But did you know of the army of anal psychopaths that rode in on her saddle?

News Hub:

New Zealanders have elected the gayest Parliament in the world, surpassing former world-leader, the United Kingdom.

Saturday’s election results show there will likely be 11 rainbow members in New Zealand’s 120-seat Parliament, up from the previous seven.

In the UK there are currently 45 openly gay members in the 650-member House of Commons, or 7 percent. New Zealand is now at 9.16 percent.

Labour now has seven LGBTQ+ representatives and the Greens have four – both parties increasing by two since the last election.

National now has 35 members in Parliament, none of which are openly gay.

We keep hearing that the total gay population in any given country is 2%.

So these people are five times overrepresented, and that’s a good thing?

Of course it’s a good thing, because men who masturbate into other men’s anuses are morally superior to men who have sex with vaginas, and so they should rule over us.

Understand: on this planet, there is no single deed more moral you can do than these deeds:

  1. Ramming your penis into another man’s anus
  2. Using another man’s anus to masturbate your penis
  3. Ejaculating into another man’s anus so that your semen mixes with the feces in his bowels
  4. Licking another man’s anus
  5. Sticking your tongue into another man’s anus and licking his feces
  6. Sucking another man’s penis
  7. Eating another man’s semen
  8. Shoving your fingers and even your entire fist into another man’s anus

If you engage in those activities, you are like a saint, and you deserve total and absolute moral authority in society.

You should be making the decisions about the direction of society. Engaging in those 8 activities gives you a divine right to rule.

This is all part of a little system I like to call “democracy,” and it is the purest and most metaphysically good system which has ever existed. Democracy vanquished the old and evil oppression system of patriarchal Christianity, and now it is driving our society towards an absolute utopia.

If you want to learn more about how you can become more moral and good, please watch this brief documentary about the behaviors of our moral overlords.