New Zealand: Mondo-Mega CUNT Gives Top Job to Fat Face Tattooed Lesbian Field Savage

Isn’t it against socialism to give a job to a member of royalty?

I guess her racial status as a field savage overwrites her status as a member of an oppressive power dynamic?


Nanaia Mahuta, a close relative of the Maori royal family, has been named New Zealand’s next foreign minister amid a government reshuffle following parliamentary elections last month.

Mahuta, 50, was chosen to replace Winston Peters, who lost his seat in parliament after the October 17 election.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern praised Mahuta, the first woman to head the nation’s foreign affairs ministry, as “someone who builds fantastic relationships very, very quickly.” The PM added that Mahuta’s experience with the government “demonstrates those diplomacy skills that we need to represent New Zealand on the world stage.”

Mahuta said she will continue pursuing “a progressive trade agenda,” among other priorities. “What we know more than ever before in the Covid context is that, as a small country, we need to develop our relationships and remain committed to a multilateral, rules-based trade system that works for New Zealand,” she told reporters.

According to local media, Mahuta is the niece of the late Maori Queen, Te Arikinui Te Atairangi Kaahu, and a close relative of the current Maori monarch, Kingi Tuheitia. Having been first elected to parliament nearly two decades ago, she was appointed as Maori development minister and minister for local government in 2017.

It actually makes it especially crazy that she’s heading the foreign affairs. That’s much weirder than if she was involved in like, waste management or something. In theory, this woman is going to be sent out to speak with foreign dignitaries.

Imagine, you go to do diplomacy with a country, and get off the plane and see this:

However, in reality, New Zealand is committed to this “island fortress” coronavirus strategy, which will mean that no one is ever allowed in the country.

So actually, “foreign affairs ministry” is now a completely obsolete position, because this island fortress corona policy means “no one gets in.”

Full Disclosure

I’ve actually met a few Maori males in my time, and they weren’t bad guys. They actually seemed smart and relatively self-aware for brown people. I’ve met two and they were both impressive (for brown people).

However, there is control on that: I met them outside of New Zealand, and ones that travel must be in the highest bracket of intelligence for the race.

The ones I met also might have been pretty significantly Westernized. They didn’t have face tattoos. But they did have tattoos all the way down their arms and torsos.

This type of thing (except without the Jewish stars and steroids):

But as far as I’m aware, some kind of face tattoos are considered standard, and if those are skipped, the Maori is Westernized.

Imagine a white guy getting those tattoos.

You don’t have to imagine it:

Now understand: all tattoos look like that on white people. Tattoos are not a white thing to do. This is something from the history of brown people.

I’m sure a lot of you already have tattoos. I do. And it’s not a big deal. But I will say: if you don’t have any tattoos, I advise you to skip it.