New Zealand Keeps On Cucking; Changing All Christ-Related Symbology

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 5, 2019

We joked about how Christchurch would have to be renamed “Mohammedmosque” if the progressives got their way…

Not so funny anymore is it?

They’re getting close to doing just that.


Christchurch Crusaders rugby team has been fighting on the pitches of New Zealand for 13 years, but is now considering a rebrand. After March’s mosque shootings, some say the name conjures up images of religious conflict.

The Crusaders’ name and iconography – knights on horseback – were adopted as a nod to Christchurch’s English heritage. However, New Zealand Rugby (NZR) chief executive Steve Tew said on Wednesday that the symbolism “is offensive to some in the community due to its association with the religious Crusades between Christians and Muslims.” 

Moslems are officially only 2% or 1% of the population in New Zealand.

But the number of people having a whinge is apparently far greater. 

This is all because of the Whinger-in-Chief, Jacinda “Psycho Bitch” Ardern.

Some quick facts about the absolutely horrid PM shrew that runs New Zealand:

  1. She ran on a platform to limit immigration. Yes, this is a moderate politician, not some crazy Green party member.
  2. She’s a depressed wine bitch who gulps down dangerous mind-altering chemicals and is allowed to run loose in society.
  3. She just had a kid at 38 and is suffering from anxiety women feel when the child stops suckling at their teat.
  4. She is a woman.
  5. She is literally an escaped mental asylum patient.

What she unleashed on New Zealand is unprecedented.

These levels of cucking have never before been witnessed by a country in peacetime facing no immediate enemy threat.

If you want to see what a country run by a mad woman looks like, look no further than New Zealand.

But literally no one has told her, “hey, bitch – we get that you’re an emotional molotov cocktail because you’re an old bitch who’s crazy, on drugs and just had a kid, but you really need to lean back on this full-throttle Sharia thing.”


Who knows where we go from here.