New Zealand: Homemade Bombs Discovered at the Mall

What a hellish landscape…

Don’t know where the bombs came from?

Well, probably someone was mad, and also, they were probably going insane because of the coronavirus lockdown.

NZ Herald:

A Hamilton mall will be shut for at least the next four hours after suspected homemade bombs were discovered, police say.

Hamilton locals have described hearing a loud “bang” early this morning before the bomb disposal unit arrived at Chartwell shopping centre, Herald reporter Belinda Feek said.

Police have also extended their cordons around the site, moving everybody out a street further and closing down access to Lyndon Court, she said.

A stretch of Comries Rd between Hukanui and Lyndon Crt is now closed, she added.

Stride Property, which owns the mall, said the centre had been evacuated and that management are cooperating with police.

“Chartwell Shopping Centre treats the safety of its retailers, customers and the public as the upmost priority and will await further notice from the police regarding reopening the Centre,” Stride said in a statement this morning.

You’re going to start seeing a lot more stuff like this happening, pretty much nonstop.

The human psyche is a very fragile thing, and it wasn’t really ever built for modern society. We’ve kept people from losing it by using drugs and mass entertainment, but when you do something like this coronavirus lockdown, then combine it with crazed paranoia and a black racial uprising, many people will start slipping off.

When people’s minds slip, they often gravitate towards violence, just as a matter of course.

That’s when you get the bombs at the mall.