New Zealand: Guy Facing 10 Years in Prison for Sharing Kebab Removal Video

Daily Stormer
March 19, 2019

Voltaire once said “To determine the true rulers of society, just find out what you can’t post on YouTube,” or something like that.

And he was perfectly right.


According to recent reports, a New Zealand man is set to appear in court to defend himself against charges that he shared the livestream footage of the recent Christchurch shooting, which could have penalties as severe as ten years in prison.


Sounds like freedoms to me.

We live in a society where this is legal:

But sharing a video online gets you a decade in prison.

And the same people who do this then go on to tell countries like China, Russia, the Philippines, Brazil and other parts of the world where most people actually like their government to stop being “against freedom.”

Are you happy with the world you’re living in?

Radio New Zealand reports that a 22-year-old man is set to appear in court after being arrested during initial investigations into the Christchurch shooting in New Zealand on Friday. He is not charged with participating in the horrific attack, but rather the young man has been charged under the Films Videos and Publications Classification Act for sharing the livestream footage posted by the shooter in the Christchurch mosque shooting. The man will appear in Christchurch District Court.

Police have stated that they do not believe the man was involved in the attacks, he simply shared the livestream which has been classified as “objectionable” by the Chief Censor’s Office. Police have stated that any individuals possessing copies of the livestream could face imprisonment. Wellington Live New Zealand shared a post on their Facebook page recently which appears to provide more information surrounding the legality of the livestream.

I’m surprised they’re not arresting people for sharing the songs he played during his anti-kebab crusade… But who knows, they might in the near future, so better listen to them while you still can.

Wonder how many terror lists I was put on for listening to this song.

This is the post where people were informed about their freedom to go to jail for having a video on their computer:

#IMPORTANT NZ police would like to remind the public that it is an offence to share an objectional publication which includes the horrific video from yesterday’s attack.If you see this video, report it immediately.Do not download it. Do not share it. If you are found to have a copy of the video or to have shared it, you face fines & potential imprisonment.

— What are the penalties for possession or trading in objectionable material? —

Anybody found “knowingly” in possession of objectionable material can receive a maximum of 10 years imprisonment.

Every time a person downloads objectionable material onto their screen, there is the potential for a possession offence having been committed.

Anybody who knowingly makes or knowingly trades, distributes, or displays an objectionable publication via the Internet can receive a maximum of 14 years imprisonment.

Reading that really makes you understand the importance of freedoms’n shit, doesn’t it?

And they’re not keeping this to New Zealand, mind you; they’re doing it everywhere.

At least 4 people were arrested for various PewDiePie-related incidents over the past couple of days in Britain, and they’re probably gonna be in the thousands or tens of thousands throughout the formerly free world within the next couple of weeks.

It won’t do anything in the long run, though.

The fire rises, and there’s nothing these kikes can do other than postpone the inevitable.