New Zealand “Gun Laws Will Change,” Says Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Following Mosque Shooting

Daily Stormer
March 17, 2019

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern visits the mosque following the shooting in respectful head scarf. Kinda weird maybe. 

An armed population is harder to conquer.

NBC News:

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on Saturday said “our gun laws will change” after a mass shooting at two mosques in the city of Christchurch killed 49 people and wounded dozens more Friday.

Ardern said at a news conference that she was advised that the gunman had five firearms — two semi-automatic weapons, two shotguns and a lever-action firearm — and that he had acquired a gun license in November 2017.

While work is being done as to the chain of events that led to both the holding of this gun license and the possession of these weapons, I can tell you one thing right now: Our gun laws will change,” Ardern said.

She noted that there have been attempts to change the nation’s gun laws in the past, most recently in 2017, but said “now is the time for change.” She suggested she was looking at the issues around ownership of semi-automatic weapons.

He had a gun license that allowed him to legally purchase the guns, Ardern said.

As soon as New Zealanders hear that someone was legally able to acquire, as I’m advised, those weapons and carry out this event, that will raise enormous questions with our gun laws, and that is why we will respond swiftly,” Ardern said.

She said a ban on semi-automatic weapons was “certainly one of the issues that I’m looking at with immediate effect.”

This is the same old caved-in head anti-gun rhetoric we’ve been hearing for years.

bad guns bad

They argue that if someone does something illegal with something people can purchase legally, then they should restrict or straight-out ban those purchases. The reasoning itself is beyond retarded, not only because it doesn’t really work but also because it can be abused by anyone to ban anything, as they’d only need to get someone to “misuse” what they want banned.

Are they planning on banning every single thing that people have used to kill other people? We’d be out of kitchenware, vehicles, some sports — even trees, because people could cut a branch or whatever to get a stick and bludgeon someone to death — and pretty much every object.

Bans don’t even really prevent criminals from getting stuff. They’re only an obstacle for law-abiding citizens.

Our governments are actively working against us. They are working for the invaders. If we let them take our guns, who is going to defend us?

If people in New Zealand think that someone doing something illegal with guns purchased legally is enough reason for them to lose their gun rights then they’ve already lost the fight.

Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel said Saturday that the city was doing all it could to provide support for the victims’ families, including helping with funeral arrangements and places for their loved ones to be buried.

“We are talking about people in this city who have lived here for years and years and years,” she said. “They are our friends, they are our neighbors. We embrace them at this time.”

She said of the suspected killer: “His was the voice of hate, and the only way that communities can respond to the voice of hate is to come together in love, compassion and kindness.”

“The only way that communities can respond to the voice of hate is to come together in love, compassion and kindness.”

This is another reason why we have to hurry and remove every front-hole from positions of authority. Women are just retarded.

Imagine being so vaginal that you think the solution to an enemy attacking you is to “come together in love, compassion and kindness” and then imagine you’re the Mayor of a city, or the Prime Minister of a country.

You can’t blame women for that though. Historically, that was their solution to enemies attacking them. If their men were killed or defeated, the only chance they had of survival was to spread their legs wide and force themselves to love the invaders, hoping that’d save their lives.

It doesn’t really work with these monsters though.

Front-holes are going to front-hole. Jews are going to Jew. Moslems are going to Moslem.

But what are white men going to do?

It’s up to us to get our house in order.