New Zealand: Commie Urbanites Send Gun-Raiding Parties Into Rural Hinterland

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 16, 2019

New Zealand’s progressives are tripping over themselves to disarm the dreaded, rifle-toting Kiwi ruralites.

NZ Herald:

Police have been accused of targeting “everyday Kiwis” during recent armed raids to seize firearms on rural South Island properties.

On Thursday, the subject of the latest of the raids was Adam Mielnik, 37, a farm manager near Ashburton, in Canterbury.

Mielnik’s uncle, Paul Mielnik, of Brockville, contacted the Otago Daily Times about the “heavy-handed” raid yesterday, concerned they could also occur in Otago and Southland.

The raid is the second of its type to come to light recently, following a firearms seizure on a west Christchurch lifestyle block on April 2, reportedly involving 30 armed officers.

So it’s starting up in earnest now.

Jacinda’s Occupation Government (JOG) is coming for White peoples’ guns and using overwhelming force to deter any resistance. Because anyone who resists will have to take on an entire army alone and will almost certainly die in the process.

In the latest incident, father-of-two Adam Mielnik said he had returned to the family home for his regular noon lunch break with partner Tara, when “seven or eight” police cars sped up his driveway and blocked potential exits.

His immediate shock was compounded when 14 police officers, more than half of whom were armed with semi-automatic rifles and side-arms, left the vehicles and spread out across his front yard.

A dog unit was also present, and backed up two plain-clothes detectives who approached his front door to speak to him.

This has really ramped up recently, concurrently with Jacinda banning semis and autos in New Zealand and calling for America to do the same… just as St. Tarrant predicted would happen.

And all these stories about the police visits and now the gun raids have similar factors surrounding them:

  • A targeting of Whites living in the ‘burbs or the country who absolutely have terrorist ties
  • An overwhelming show of force with SWAT teams and multiple cars
  • Applause and support from the progressive city folk

Remember, regular libshits in New Zealand are demanding that the government disarm their ideological/lifestyle opponents.

And the conservatives seem to be mostly staying mum.

I assume that they will announce a general gun surrender/amnesty eventually, and people who are afraid of getting raided might figure it’s better to just go along with it.

We’ll see.

New Zealand is a good microcosm (or trial run perhaps) of what things will look like in America sooner rather than later.

The Boomercons who think that they’re untouchable because they donate to the police retirement fund and go down to the range on weekends will be in for a rude surprise when they “come for the guns.”

If they pick people off one-by-one with overwhelming force and then use these examples to intimidate the rest of the population, they won’t need to wage a war against the entire gun-owning population as some Boomers seem to imagine the government will eventually have to do.

This is all speculation. But we won’t have to speculate for long.

All we have to do is watch carefully what they’re doing in New Zealand to know what’s down the pipe for us in America as well.