New Yorker: Bulbous Jew Mutant Talia Lavin Pens Diary Entry on Hunt for the Great White Stormer

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 8, 2018

Talia Lavin

Although I am very familiar with the Jews and their evil, sneaking tactics, I have nonetheless been slightly taken aback at their use of mainstream Jew-for-goyim publications to push for the shutdown of free speech on the internet.

I’m obviously not surprised that they want to do this, I’m not even surprised that they would assume that a majority of the readers of their shit-tier propaganda publications would be okay with them wanting to do this. I am, however, surprised that they are willing to openly say “we are the Jewish media and we are an activist group intent on crushing the free speech rights of those who would dare to disagree with us,” given the inevitability of this being used against them.

Because – follow me here.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has already used the behavior of Silicon Valley companies towards the Daily Stormer to end Net Neturality. The ostensible purpose of Net Neutrality was to stop some theoretical potential censorship plot by Comcast, and Pai said “what are you talking about Comcast censoring people? You already censored the Daily Stormer.”

Right now, Donald Trump is talking about strengthening libel laws following the hoax book that was printed about him. The media response to Trump talking about strengthening libel laws is that he wants to “limit free speech.”

The high-level Jew terrorist Cass Sunstein has penned an op-ed claiming that Trump wants to bring down the First Amendment.

It is not especially difficult to imagine that Trump, in issuing a decree against the Jewish media on the issue of libel or on some other conspiracy they are involved in, will follow the move the FCC made and say “you’re talking about me being against the First Amendment as you serve as a lobbying group to shut down protected speech from your competitors.”

A perfect example of the media acting as an aggressive anti-speech lobbying group is a recent piece in the New Yorker by the bulbous Jewess Talia Lavin entitled “The Neo-Nazis of the Daily Stormer Wander the Digital Wilderness.”

In the article, she literally describes in detail her attempt to hunt down the services that the Daily Stormer uses and convince them to shut us down. She called up our registrar, proxy servers, ddos protections, etc. and tried to bully them into removing us – then printed a diary account of her journey!

You can read it, or I can just quote you the best part:

As the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, I took some satisfaction from the irony—a site with a section dedicated to the “Jewish Problem,” condemned to wander the wilderness, driven out of one country after another.

Activist journalism is one thing, but journalists who use the First Amendment to protect themselves openly engaging in anti-First Amendment activism is a very precarious situation.

It would be precarious regardless of who the President was, but right now you’ve got a President who is openly critical of them and their go-to position is that they have “freedom of speech” that gives them a right not just to defame him, but to defraud the American public on a massive scale with a fake news conspiracy that is specifically designed to undermine and collapse the elected government of this country.

And to be clear: what they are attempting to do to DS is categorically different than what they have done with kicking people off of Twitter and Facebook. There is an argument that these are “private companies that have a right to choose who they do business with,” but I have been on over 20 different domains and this fat kike openly writes about hunting down every infrastructure service I use in order to keep me from being able to speak at all.

Christopher Cantwell just had his domain kiked off of GoDaddy by a mainstream journalist working for Newsweek. So this is an organized plan by the media not simply to silence political opponents but to deplatform their competition. We saw this with the PewDiePie situation last year – yes, the SPLC wanted Pewds shut down because he made fun of the Jews, but the media which worked with them had the secondary goal of punishing a competitor.

The FCC filing against NN shows that the Trump Administration is fine citing my situation, and he absolutely should do this again when taking action against the fake news establishment.

Talia is Literally Writing a Book About Food

I just wanted to add here that the Jewish whale that is hunting Captain Ahab Anglin is literally soliciting donations to write a book about food.

She might be a third-generation Holocaust survivor – but she’s not going to survive diabetes!

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