New York: Woman Rips Down Disgusting Subway Sex Ads

Well, at least someone did something.


An unidentified woman on a New York City subway car was filmed tearing down ads promoting LGBTQ lifestyles, promiscuity and abortion. The viral stunt has drawn both applause and criticism on social media.

A video of the incident, which made the rounds online on Wednesday and Thursday, begins with the woman ripping down a provocative ad for the dating app OKCupid. “All this is gross, all this is gross,” she told other passengers. “I don’t know, for kids to be looking at this, is that OK?”

A fellow passenger filming the rant replied, “No it’s not, it’s wrong” as the woman added, “It’s propaganda. It affects the next generation. I don’t know why, like, no one sees this. This is disgusting.”

A male straphanger agreed, calling the ads “desensitization,” while another passenger said they are “normalizing” abnormal behaviors.

The woman then resumed tearing down the advertisements, most of which were for the popular digital dating platform. Many of the ads were sexually explicit or suggestive, such as one promoting the app using a picture of two mouths with a single tongue connecting them. Another ad targets “every single pansexual,” while yet another refers to “every single non-monogamist,” accompanied by an image of a group of people making out on a bench.

Other ads in OKCupid’s latest campaign include heavily politicized statements such as, “It’s OK to choose Mr. Right based on how far he leans left,” “It’s OK to only date someone who’s pro-choice,” and – seemingly at odds with the sentiment of the previous two – “It’s OK to have strong convictions and abandon them for the night.”

In the viral video, the ad-defacing woman argues that the messaging is a form of social engineering. “They’re trying to divide and conquer us. The government is against us, and you guys don’t see it,” she said.

OKCupid has promoted itself as offering 22 gender options and 12 sexual orientations for user profiles. A new feature introduced on the app this week also enables users to declare their pro-abortion views with a special badge on their profiles.

The woman also vented about ads promoting Covid-19 vaccines. “You guys think you can get the vaccine and this is going to go away?” she asked. “It’s never going to go away unless we the people say we don’t want this anymore.”

She added that it would make more sense to have a “fat pass” than a “vaccine pass” because most of the patients with serious illnesses from the virus are obese. “But we don’t want to fat shame, right? We don’t want to fat shame,” she said.

I was really shocked by the ad featuring an Asian woman with an Asian man.

This is even more subversive than the black male-white female coupling.

Everyone knows that Asian women belong in subservient master-slave type relationships with white men.

Meanwhile, Asian men belong shooting up white women.

It’s the basic order of nature.

(That’s a joke, FBI and others. I don’t support Elliot Rodger, nor do I support race-mixing. I strongly believe that white men should all be forced to marry aggressive, fat, macho Aryan Princesses who look like trannies, and do not support those white women getting blown away by Asian men. I only write these things to trigger my snowflake readership and FBI agents. To marry tranny-like white women, and be abused by them for decades until we die, is part of the yoke that God has saddled white men with, and we must simply deal with it. It’s the cost of producing healthy white sons. I believe that.)

There’s more important things you could say about these ads, instead of making offensive jokes to trigger the snowflakes.

For example: why is it that a tyrannical system would be promoting total sexual degeneracy, nonstop, on its slave population?

I mean, the City of New York had to approve these porno ads.

Why are they doing this?

Is it because a completely sexually depraved population is much, much easier to oppress than one that prizes sexual morality? Is it simply to further undermine the social norms that kept society stable for thousands of years?

Or is it just some coincidence?