New York Times Weighs in on NPC Meme After Mass Twitter Banning

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 17, 2018

Run program: outrage. If Twitter: Russia, election meddling. 

Well, that escalated quickly.

The New York Times is weighing in on the NPC meme. And they are not amused.

Interestingly, the article is not written by a Jew. And as we’ve recently discovered, every leftist who is not Jewish is a soulless, programmed automaton (not saying Jews have souls, but more research is needed into the field of Jewish consciousness).

Also, please note that the New York Times is now “Buzzfeed Lite: The same smooth list-form inane cultural commentary you love without all the gifs.”

New York Times:

Last week, a trolling campaign organized by right-wing internet users spilled over onto Twitter. The campaign, which was born in the fever swamps of 4chan and Reddit message boards, involved creating hundreds of fictional personas with gray cartoon avatars, known as NPCs. These accounts posed as liberal activists and were used to spread — among other things — false information about November’s midterm elections.


Over the weekend, Twitter responded by suspending about 1,500 accounts associated with the NPC trolling campaign. The accounts violated Twitter’s rules against “intentionally misleading election-related content,” according to a person familiar with the company’s enforcement process. The person, who would speak only anonymously, was not authorized to discuss the decision.


Twitter banned the NPC meme outright, blaming election meddling citing the fact that one guy made the “November 7th” joke.

That is how scared they are of this meme. It threatens the entire global order.

Because it is true.

There are millions of people walking around who do not have any “internal speech,” and are simply walking around mimicking whatever they feel is socially appropriate.

This revelation has opened up an entire new field of science that is a combination of philosophy, politics, psychology, sociology and metaphysics and is called “NPC theory.”

NYT explains the basic concept of the meme accurately.

Several months ago, users on 4chan and Reddit, the online message forums, started using the term NPC to refer to liberals. These people, they said, join the anti-Trump crowd not because they are led by independent thought or conscience to oppose President Trump’s policies, but because they’re brainwashed sheep who have been conditioned to parrot left-wing orthodoxy, in the manner of a scripted character.

As a Reddit user, BasedMedicalDoctor, explains in a thread about the appeal of the meme, NPCs are “completely dependent on their programming, and can’t do or think on their own.”

Note that there is not, anywhere in this article, any kind of rebuttal to that.

It is bizarre that it is even being discussed. Because there is no rebuttal. The fact that all of these anti-Trump people do not have conscious thought is self-evident. They have no “inner-monologue” guiding their perception of reality. They are literally programmed robots who repeat exactly what they are told to repeat, exactly as they are told to repeat it.

Look at the antifa. What are they on about? No one even knows. Communism, apparently. But why? What do they want? Literal communism? That thing where everyone starves? Clearly, these are people who cannot think who are running a program that has been created for their consumption and regurgitation.

The same thing is true of the feminist mob screeching about Kavanaugh.

We can witness in real time these people being told what to do by the media and then just going out and doing it. Whatever it is, they will do it.

What possible response can there be to this observation?

There is only outrage and mass-banning.

Here’s more elucidation on the underlying concept, under the subheading “And this is a thing… why?” (seriously, this is the NYT now lol).

It’s a long story, but the short version is that a group of young, extremely pro-Trump internet trolls have spent the past several years mocking anti-Trump people as whiny, easily triggered snowflakes who are primarily motivated by social acceptance rather than by logic and critical thinking.

Many of Mr. Trump’s supporters — including, as of last week, Kanye West— put their support for him in the language of freethinking rationality and paint the other side as being motivated by blind loyalty and identity politics. (Mr. West said of his pre-Trump-supporting days, “I was programmed to think from a victimized mentality.”)

The NPC meme fits neatly into this narrative and offers Mr. Trump’s online supporters an easy shorthand way to paint liberals as humorless prudes who say “Drumpf” because the HBO host John Oliver told them to, who march in protests and put on pink “pussyhats” because they’re the popular things to do, and whose views can’t withstand scrutiny.

(And then, when progressives object to a meme that portrays them as unthinking automatons, it becomes another piece of evidence: See? The left can’t take a joke.)

But how is this outraged reaction to the meme not proof of the meme?

What is the counter-argument to that claim? 

If they were not mindless programmed robots, they would be able to explain logically how they came to these positions. Furthermore, they would shrug off a meme that says they are unthinking robots, instead of becoming outraged by it. The lady doth protest too much and all that.

Does “orange man bad” not sum up the entire alleged worldview of these alleged people?

They are making all of these doom claims, which everyone can see are untrue. We can all see that. The world is not ending. Trump is not sending people to camps. Kavanaugh did not legalize rape. Everyone’s life is going on as normal.

So the outrage is fundamentally petty, regardless of any additional detail. When you add the detail that there is a massive, ubiquitous media machine pumping out this petty outrage, and people are socially punished for not going along with it and socially rewarded for going along with it, you have a situation where an entire group of people has aggressively, irately and wholly embraced petty outrage for social approval.

Why are they doing this? 

The obvious answer is that they are incapable of processing information and respond only to social cues – and that the mass media has a monopoly lock-down on social cues in most people’s lives in this current age.

We then have the injection, by the New York Times, of various pre-packaged triggers to address why this horrible thing is happening: gamers, election meddling and Russia.

Are these people actually trying to interfere in the election?

Probably not. Evidence suggests that these are mostly just attention-starved gamers looking to impress one another by “triggering the libs” with edgy memes. But not everyone gets the joke. State officials are already worried that voters will be fooled by deliberate social media campaigns that contain incorrect voting information. Similar types of disinformation spread on social media in 2016, which makes companies like Twitter nervous.

Are these Russian bots?

Probably not. (Although some of the NPC accounts may have been automated, there is no sign that Russia is involved in this.) Mostly, it appears to be a 4chan joke that spiraled into some mild voter suppression.

Yes, NYT felt it necessary to mention that it may in fact be Russia that is responsible for this meme that hurts them, but they don’t know.


This meme is the greatest thing that has ever happened.

It speaks to the core nature of this unhinged leftist mob: that they are not real, that their entire lives are faked, that their emotional state is the result of a marketing campaign.

It trivializes all of them in the most brutal conceivable way.

It explains, to any individual capable of understanding it, what we are dealing with in a way that everyone is able to understand. And no one can deny it after they’ve seen it.

Furthermore, it is demoralizing to any person who is involved in this anti-Trump social justice movement who is capable of any sort of self-reflection.

Sure, any actual NPC will just make NPC noises when called an NPC. But there are some people who do have a “self” who are caught up in this mob, and this meme is hitting them hard.

Even if they are stupid, and their ability for self-reflection is low, when they are hit with this meme they have no choice but to look at themselves, as an individual within the screaming mob, and ask: what if we’re all wrong?