New York Times: Trump Not Doing Enough to Stop Blacks From Giving Each Other AIDS

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 19, 2019

It’s not clear if Trump thinks niggers make America great, if he stopped trying to make America great again or if he just stopped thinking altogether.

What’s clear is that he’s more concerned about what niggers do with their anuses than about building the wall.

How can he even excuse himself for not building the wall he promised? Walls are everywhere. People build them everyday.

Why can’t the so-called most powerful man in the world build a wall if the most oppressed people ever in the history of oppressed peoples have managed to build a pretty decent wall for themselves?

Something’s not adding up.

New York Times:

“I come from the smallest town in Mississippi, in the buckle of the Bible Belt,” said Gerald Gibson, outreach manager at Open Arms Healthcare Center, the only clinic created to serve gay black men in this state.

“Growing up, I didn’t know anybody like me,” he added. “I come from a culture that says you’re going to hell for being homosexual and AIDS is God’s wrath.”

President Trump’s plan to end America’s epidemic of H.I.V., the virus that causes AIDS, within 10 years is not going to succeed easily in places like this.

Medically, AIDS experts agree, the plan he announced in his State of the Union address in February is sound. It has twin goals: First, to get every American who is infected with the virus — an estimated 1.1 million people — onto three-drug cocktails that, if taken every day, suppress the virus, keeping patients healthy and reducing almost to zero the odds that they will infect anyone else.

The second goal is to get every American who is at risk — an estimated one million people — onto pre-exposure prophylaxis (called PrEP), a pill that, if taken daily, protects almost completely against infection.

But reaching those goals will take a huge amount of money — far more than the $291 million Mr. Trump requested in his 2020 budget proposal. Moreover, it will require courageous political leadership, not just from the White House, but from every statehouse and city hall in the nation.

He keeps trying to multi-task and he’s not accomplishing anything. How about you just focus on one thing until you accomplish something, Mr. President? Focus on the wall.

Focus on the money for the wall.

In the last 15 years, the epidemic has shifted into groups that are hard to test and even harder to keep on daily medication: men who are closeted, drug injectors, the homeless, the rural poor, the mentally ill and those with little income and no health insurance.

But the group most at risk comprises gay and bisexual black men and transgender women in the Deep South — Mr. Gibson’s peers and his clientele. More than half of new H.I.V. infections in the country each year now occur in the South, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and often in rural areas.

It’s very racist of the New York Times to point out how niggers are the ones with AIDS.

Weren’t we supposed to believe that AIDS can happen to anyone and not just to anal fetish perverts, injection drug addicts, and hyperssexual chimpoid slavepeople?

Many of the newly infected are young black men. Nationally, gay and bisexual black men face a 50 percent lifetime risk of H.I.V. infection. The epidemic cannot be halted, experts say, unless those men can be found, educated about the disease, convinced to protect themselves and their sexual partners, and helped to do so.

It can’t be halted then. Veterinarians can’t even convince niggers in Africa that Ebola is real and that they need to get vaccinated, and these experts think they have a chance of convincing niggers in America to protect themselves?

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Curing niggers of AIDS is not going to make anyone vote for Trump. He should know that.

What is he even doing anymore?