New York Times Says Trump’s Infection Means It’s Time to Get Serious About Corona Hysteria

I’m really having a very difficult time processing the leftist response to people who downplay coronavirus getting coronavirus. They gloat about it, like, “HAHAHA, NOW YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE!”

But after they gloat, it turns out it isn’t a big deal; the person is maybe sick for a few days, or maybe has no symptoms at all. This seems to indicate in fact that the person who downplayed it was right. But they don’t appear to be recognizing the implications.

With President Trump infected, they are playing this game, and their inability to recognize the contradiction is actually mystifying.

The New York Times has an op-ed up by the gay homo Frank Bruni, entitled “Defiant, Now Infected: Trump is a Morality Tale,” which embodies the baffling disconnect involved here.

Bruni has written a lot about virus paranoia, presumably because he is a homosexual, and they have a very obvious reason to be concerned about viruses.

Bruni’s piece is as nasty as you would expect, mentioning that he thought about the President’s “karma” when he heard the diagnosis and then going on to talk about how Trump is so reckless.

The homosexual Bruni concludes that the fact that the President was infected with the virus means that we need to get really brutal with the lockdown measures:

The reality-show president has long been determined to live outside reality and was seemingly convinced that he could. I was half convinced myself. He jettisoned truth without consequences. He sailed above the laws of cause and effect when it came to paying taxes, paying off Stormy Daniels, strong-arming the president of Ukraine, playing footsie with the president of Russia and so much more.

But reality is reality. Truth is truth. Science is science, and it alerted all of us — including the president — to the danger of the coronavirus, how it spreads and what we can and should do to protect ourselves and others. There’s no getting around those facts.

There’s also no getting around the centrality of the coronavirus to this presidency and this election. Trump had tried assiduously to push it to the margins, but it was never going to stay there. Now it’s inside him.

We can’t erase the mistakes made since the coronavirus dawned, but we can correct them going forward. The way to treat Trump’s diagnosis is as a turning point and a new start. This is when we woke up.

The presidency and the president are always national mirrors, in many different ways at once, and that’s another moral. Trump has shown America its resentments. He has modeled its rage. Now he personifies its recklessness.

Late Friday, administration officials were still deliberating how and when he might address Americans about his condition, a decision no doubt contingent on his condition. He was taken to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for tests. People close to him told reporters that he had a low-grade fever, nasal congestion and a cough.

When he does talk about what he’s going through, I hope he reflects on what the entire country has been through, and on what lies ahead. I hope he does it in a civic-minded way, recognizing that his own struggle is part of a much larger picture.

Because I don’t want us to be cynical, no matter how much cause we’ve been given. I want us to be better.

The obvious conclusion to be drawn from this situation is that Trump was right and the virus never actually was a big deal. Donald Trump is a 74-year-old man with a weight disorder who eats McDonald’s every day. If he can survive it – and he obviously will, no one seriously believes he won’t – then the obvious conclusion that everyone should draw is that he was right in not taking it seriously because it just really isn’t that serious.

If a virus can’t manage to kill an obese man in his seventies who does not exercise and has possibly the worst imaginable diet of constant fast food garbage, then the rest of us have nothing to fear from the virus. We should not be afraid to get it, build immunities and move on with our lives.

Right now, the biggest thing we are going to be dealing with is the sunk cost fallacy.

The truth is, we never had any options other than to do what Sweden has done, to allow people to move around normally with their business, to allow the virus to spread and infect the population. After all of these months of avoiding the virus, we are now back at square one, where the only solution is what the obvious solution was when the problem started, what many experts who are not on the payroll of Bill Gates said the solution was in February.

Again: it’s what Sweden did to successfully beat the virus, while we were all locked down.

Trump getting the virus was a natural part of this process. He had to get it, to show that everyone is going to get it. And now that he’s gotten it, he can say, “it’s not a big deal,” without it being a case of him sending people out to do something he won’t do himself.

Old people can still be quarantined, people who are sick can still wear masks, but the rest of this has to end. We have to accept the fact that we’ve completely destroyed our economy, and blame the Democrats for that, while doing everything we can to rebuild.

It would also be nice if we could punish Bill Gates for doing this hoax and then profiting off of it, making so many billions of dollars by destroying the middle class. The rest of the billionaires should also have to pay back the money they stole, especially Jeff Bezos.

Rebuilding could give us national purpose, especially if the Democrats were blamed for the hoax and the billionaires were punished.

We cannot keep doing this crazy thing. People are all going to snap. People are already snapping. We have to move forward. The fact that the media is attempting to use the fact that Trump got this virus and is going to get better from it as a reason to push the insane measures even further shows that they live in an alternate reality. Frank Bruni will not talk about Sweden. If you pinned him down and demanded that he explain Sweden, he would do the old “crash through the window and run” meme before answering you.

These people are doing this on purpose to hurt the country and no matter what happens, the answer is going to be “more extreme lockdowns.”

There is no room for debate or discussion. We have to stop the tests. We have to open the country. We have to order the CDC to stop recording all of these fake deaths. They need to provide a full explanation for every death.

Joe Biden said at the debate that many people watching have a relative who has died from the virus. This is just a lie. I don’t know anyone who knows anyone who knows anyone who has died from it. Every single person I know who has to get tested regularly has had it (so presumably everyone else has had it too), but no one has died.

There is no solution here other than to totally reverse course.