New York Times Reveals the Mysterious Crisis Facing the Taliban

I saw this headline for a minute and thought it was going to be about the coronavirus.

But, no.

It’s a vague potential economic problem that is not elaborated on.

New York Times:

For the Taliban, any celebration is likely to be short-lived. It is up to the Taliban to govern now, and the country they have claimed is in desperate straits.

Afghanistan is deeply impoverished, with a third of its citizens struggling to survive in the face of what the United Nations calls crisis levels of food insecurity, with the prospect that the country could functionally be out of food within a month. With many state employees no longer showing up for work, basic services like electricity are also under threat.

Afghanistan has long depended on infusions of foreign aid, but it is unclear how world leaders will regard a Taliban-run government. Washington has frozen Afghan government reserves, and the International Monetary Fund has blocked its access to emergency reserves.

Mujahid appeared eager to change that Tuesday.

“I invite you all to come and invest in Afghanistan,” he said. “Your investments will be in good hands. The country will be stable and safe.”

Instead of elaborating on why people who live in caves and herd goats would have any economic problems – especially given that China is already bringing Afghanistan on board – the Times starts talking about a “crisis” for Afghans with American residency visas who were visiting the country when Kabul fell, speculating that the Taliban might not let them go back to America (despite the fact that the Taliban has said they will let anyone with a visa leave).

Really, it’s a very dumb news article, with a crappy clickbait title and no lead paragraph.

The media simply will not touch the issue of why there is no coronavirus in Afghanistan.

It’s just this weird elephant in the room.