New York Times Regrets to Inform You That the Russian Kookspiracy is Over

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 23, 2017

The New York Times today published an article entitled “Hopes Dim for Congressional Russia Inquiries as Parties Clash.” Although bizarrely referencing their own hopes and those of all Jews, it remains a generic title, which betrays its historical relevance: the Jewish fake news superstructure has effectively admitted that the Russian investigation is doomed to fail.

The NYT, you will recall, was the outlet which invented the Russian kookspiracy, relying exclusively on innuendo, fake documents and faked “confidential sources” to do so.

Fake news until their dying breath, the NYT does not go so far as to admit that the entire thing was a gigantic hoax – that doesn’t fit with their agenda and it would also implicate them – but instead implies that it is a part of some kind of Republican conspiracy. They have the nerve to make that claim even after virtually every Republican has endorsed the overwhelming majority of their fake news narrative on Russia.

This was a long, hard battle, and it’s personally comforting to see it finally come to an end.

But that isn’t necessarily to say that we won.

The plan of the Jewish media and their kinsmen in the government such as Adam Schiff and Chuck Schumer was always just to run this thing as long as they could and then let it burn out. The fact that the Clinton Foundation is now confirmed to have accepted bribe money for the transfer of uranium to Russians marked the burnout point.

But the goal of thwarting the President’s agenda was accomplished. They have created endless headaches, stopped who knows how many good works, with something they literally pulled out of thin air.

There was never any substance, there was never anything at all, it was always a gigantic hoax, and somehow, they were able to drag it out for a year, at many times making it the focus of the entire nation’s attention.

That is quite an accomplishment.

And sure, they might have hoped for impeachment, but I don’t think they ever actually thought they would get it.

Their only hope was that the fishing expedition would lead to something. And it hasn’t. So it’s over. They walk away with all of the time and energy that our side put into this with no consequences.

Ah, except one: people have seen what a pack of lying scam artists this media is. Everyone has seen that. The NYT, WaPo, CNN and the rest of them can continue to claim that the inability of the Democrats to find a conspiracy was part of a Republican conspiracy, but only the True Believer is going to buy that.

Everyone else can see the media for what it is: an arm of the leftist establishment, which simply makes things up in order to push an agenda.

And when you’re looking at the media, it doesn’t take long to realize that this leftist establishment isn’t blacks, immigrants or random “liberals” – it is a very specific group of people. An ethnic group.

Mueller’s probe is still open, but that’s not going anywhere either.

There is nothing there, and the people are sick of being lied to by these rats. Mueller has his own conflicts of interest piling up, and that’s not something they want to deal with. They’re not going to dismiss him and appoint someone else. They’re just going to have to let it die.